Lenny has a bump on his side

Lenny has a bump on his side near his rib cage. Its about the size of a dime and feels like a blister, but it is under the skin. Its not like a knot, it more feels like there might be fluid or something viscousy inside. It does not seem to be bothering him when I touch and mess with it. When I feel it, I can not get my fingers around it, so it seems like it's somehow under his skin. Its on the same side of his body that seemed to be sensitive after he got into the tussle at the dog park. But 2 weeks ago when we went to the vet for his intestinal blockage there was no evidence of rib cracks or anything in any of the x-rays…

any ideas? maybe he just really likes the vet?

I don't know how old Lenny is, but in older dogs lipomas are quite common. My Eski had quite a few on his belly, and they are almost exactly as you describe, round or oblong, somewhat squishy, not sensitive. The vet told me they were nothing to worry about after I found his first one and panicked thinking it was some kind of tumor. He lived for quite a few more years after that, and more of them cropped up, but they never bothered him.

A fatty tumor? That is what is sounds like to me..
My older b's got them…

Lenny is only two…. i hope thats all it is. i am keeping a close eye on it....

I usually have lumps and bumps checked out at regular vet visits unless they have changed in size or consistency. The vet usually does a fine needle aspiration and cytology on them. So far none have been any the vet has been too worried about but we keep an eye on them and we may have one removed just because it is "different" than the others.

We aren't vets and if you really have a concern, it should be checked out.
Once you know what the fatty tumors look like then, you can check the b' for other issues…but we are just saying what we think!
YOU need to have a professional check out your dog for any medical issue that causes concern.
Its pricey, but better than letting something that should be tended, let go too far...

Oh I know, the vet is obviously where I would go for an actual diagnosis…I was just asking if anyone else's b's have had anything similar. thanks for everyone's input. I love this forum!

Sometimes, Vets don't even know if they're not used to it. Medjai had a rash, the groomer said ringworm, the vet said food allergy. I have had him on the same food for awhile, and worm meds.

I found out 2 days after the vet that he was just laying on ant mounds at the dog park playing with the ants. Sometimes he even just eats them and lays on the rest.

Miles is covered with lumps. We had 2 biopsied at $150 ea– both came back as fatty lumps. I just hate them all over his little body... It's a constant reminder of his mortality. 😞

Basenji Mix

How's Lenny's bump - did it go away? A few days after this post, I felt one on Daisy's left side on her rib cage. I thought it was wierd, but then last week, my husband said to feel the same area. It was a scab. I think she got bite by something. You know - summer bugs… Hoping Lenny's bump is gone now and he's feeling great...

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