• Kiya got this red bump on her nose for the last 2-3 weeks. It does not seem to be bothering her as she is not itching it, but it is red now and was once going down to neutral color, but now its back to red. We took her to the vet and the vet said that it kind of looks like a small tumor, but he did not want to do biopsy as it would leave a scar on her nose, and recommended to bring her back if it keeps growing. It does not seem to growing after a week, but it's not going away either.

    We were feeding her for a about a month from a plastic food container as she was on a blended diet, then once we noticed the red bump we switched to metal bowl as we saw another resource online talking about a similar nose bump due to plastic dermatitis dogs can get on their nose from eating out of plastic bowls. She has been eating from a metal bowl for a week now and the bump does not seem to be getting smaller or growing. It is still red. Any ideas other than second vet opinion?

  • I would have a biospy done, rather a scar then something worse. And the sooner the better

  • I have to agree with Pat, I would get the second opinion, then the biopsy if both opinions match.

    I knew a JRT that developed a nasal tumor (not visible like this one) and by the time it was caught it was not good - granted he was older than Kiya. Has she had any sort of discharge from her nose - any blood - any extra sneezing?

  • She has been sneezing a bit more than usual. We will take her in for a second opinion.

  • Is the bump hot to the touch or feels like normal skin tissue? Maybe it is some type of cyst? Let us know what you find out!

  • @Alex:

    She has been sneezing a bit more than usual. We will take her in for a second opinion.

    I think that is a good decision

  • I would get a second opinion and if they are not willing to biopsy then at least a fine needle aspiration to see what the cells look like. A fine needle aspiration may show something like a histiocytoma which may just need some antibiotics and time or may show cells that indicate cancer and require a surgical approach.

  • Agree with all the forgoing - please let us know the outcome. I do hope all goes well.

  • Thanks everyone for the good advice. Kiya does not seem to mind it and it's not getting bigger. We will see what the other vet sayd. Found this interesting article and the bump on this dogs nose looks exactly like Kiyas, so let's hope its histiocytoma.


  • Wishing you the best, things like that are so scary

  • Hoping it's something simple!

  • The bump has gone away after a month and several weeks wearing the cone. All was left is a small white scar on the black portion of her nose, which eventually has gone away too. Our guess it was some kind of allergic reaction.

  • Good to hear Alex!

  • Good news! Thanks for the update.

  • This was posted back when I was not on much so I missed it. Glad it is all okay, but I do have to caution that waiting that long– had it been cancer, would have been the difference between -- literally -- life and death. Of course, since it wasn't growing, it wasn't as much risk but nasal cancers can grow internally and not bulge for a long time. I do have to say though when I saw it, I thought spider bite. My Rottie got one like that, vet felt sure it was a bite. It also turned white, but I put neem oil on it and it soon got it's original color back.

  • We did a biopsy a week into it and it was not cancerous, so waiting for the bump to go away was the only other option. I though surgery would be too intrusive in the nose area.

    Kiya had to endure two weeks of wearing the cone day and night to prevent her from scratching her nose.

    She seems to get all kinds of things around her nose, just recently she got bitten by a bee nosing around in the grass and was back into the cone for a week.

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