Bump on the head?

Tucker has a 'bump' on his head. Not quite right between the eyes, but that's about where it is. It looks like a wart or a mole of some sort. Same color as his skin. Can't tell if it's like a pimple type thing or what. I've tried to gently squeeze it but I don't get any stuff. I wish I could give you a solid feel for the size…not really big, but certainly prominent - I definately feel it when I scratch his head and if you are looking at his head from behind, you can see it (because of the way the hair grows toward the back). I would say it's pretty close to the size of the plug on a pair of headphones for your ipod or mp3 player (1/8" plug size) and it sticks up maybe a bit over 1/8th inch. It's kinda like someone shot him wih a BB and the skin grew around the BB. He doesn't express discomfort when I mess with it, but I haven't REALLY tried to ether bust it or scratch it off.

My mom said BJ, the basenji from my childhood in my family, used to get things lke that but she couldn't remember what it was...

Anyone have a clue?

My 10 year old has one too. The vet said what it was when I took him in for his lumps and bumps check and I don't remember what she called it. Nicky has a couple of different lumps and bumps. We monitor all of them for any changes and when he goes in for a check up or appointment the vet checks them all out.

They do get warts…my OJ has gotten a bunch of them as he as gotten older. He also has Lipomas which are fatty deposits under the skin. And they usually start small and can get pretty big, but they typically never cause any problems. They also get smaller ones that resemble a pimple and many time you can "squeeze" them like a pimple. The larger Lipomas usually are tested by the Vet with a needle biopsy...

If your really worried, have the vet check it.
My boy had one of these above his ear…we watched it, then one day, it fell off.
It has not recurred.
BUT really a vet is the way to go if you have concerns..
THEN you can send photos to us and we all can learn from YOU!

Both my B and a relatives B get "zit-like" bumps called pustules. They can be filled with a cottage cheese type consistency, or a very watery liquid. The vet has said they are perfectly harmless. If your B seems to be bothered by it and you can't seem to 'pop' it or drain it, you can take them to the vet and they can drain it for you. The last one Rami had was pretty hard and it took some squeezing to finally get it to 'pop'. Ug, sorry for the gross description! I know when I have a question though, I like to get whatever information I can! Hope that helps 😃

And I am sure that there are many like me… that just "have" to bother the lump till it is gone...ggg... Soon as I start, mine head for the hills!

They are often sebacious cysts, like deep pimples. Like Pat, I start messing with them, gently squeezing them and the dogs head for the hills too. I don't squeeze too hard, they could 'pop' under the skin, but eventually they will start to open so some of the thick stuff can be squeezed out. I find that I sometimes have to squeeze them many times, then all of a sudden they just dry up. Eddie had one right between his eyes, fortunately he didn't mind me messing with it.

Anne in Tampa

All of ours have them to some extent, though with 2, it is just one or two, the other has at least 15 in various places on her body. Poor thing. We always check any new ones and montior the old ones and so does the vet, but never had any issues. She doe snot like it when we mess with them, but one on her head tends to get some gunk coming out at times that we can just break off.

It's settled then. I'm gonna pop it. 🙂 I mess with it sometimes as well. Tucker just wants to sniff and lick my fingers after I'm done scratching at it…then he'll let me go back to work on it. As long as I let him sniff and lick my fingers as I'm messing with it, he'll let me continue and we'll eventually both bore of it and move on...

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