• My fiance just pointed out to me that Dexter has three little bumps on his penis sheath. They are really tiny, about the size of ant bites maybe, all three right around the tip/opening. They don't look exactly like bites though, they look more like little pimples or something? They don't seem to bother him, my fiance touched them to see if he would express discomfort. They are slightly reddish/pink around them. We will be calling the vet in the morning to see what he says, but I just figured I would post on here to see if anyone has any idea of what it may be in the meantime so that I can stop wondering quite to much.

  • Sometimes it is nothing more than a little skin irritation. I'd suggest using baby wipes to wipe the area. I have had precisely 2 male dogs in 40 yrs so not much help on the male parts of dogs. Horses, lol, yes. Dogs, not so much.

  • I use Nature's Miracle wipes to clean that area, around the stomach and the rear end after walks to keep it clean daily.

  • Well…I don't shave my dog's privates so I'm pretty sure it isn't razor burn. O.o
    And thanks nobarkus and DebraDownSouth, I'll start using wipes!

  • My B occasionally get's those same types of little pimple type bumps by her privates as well…I just try and keep her clean and they go away...but do come back. She doesn't make any notice of it (extra licking in the area) so I am not concerned enough to take her to the vet at this point. I agree with the using the wipes...either baby wipes or a mild soap on a damp cloth. BTW my girls bumps are not quite on her privates but a little more north towards her stomach.

  • lol the razor burn person is troll spammer

  • I use unscented baby wipes to tidy up Kipawa's privates. He gets a bit of a wipe every evening.

  • Hmmm…it has never occurred to me that I should be wiping Blaze's (and Gracie's) private parts! We never did that with Maxx and in the 15 years we had him, never had a problem in that area. Guess I'll keep a closer eye on the two of them! 🙂

  • Thanks, everyone. We started wiping him once or twice a day. I hope the bumps clear up soon. 🙂

  • @joomakramjutt:

    I am guessing razor burn, and some people guess by putting lotions on after shaving is best, but it is normally the cause.

    Well. Regardless of whether this ….individual.... is a spammer...

    It's funny and I don't care who ya are. LOL!!

  • Yeah, I knew he was a spammer, but I just figured I'd humor them. It is funny, but the other spam on the site that is completely random/irrelevant is just annoying.

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