I get red bumps when I hold my basenji

Does anyone get red bumps on their skin when they hold their basenji? I get them on the inner parts of my arms and when he sits on me or rubs against me, I get them on my legs. Maybe they have a certain oil in their fur that reacts with me?:(

Do you have allergies to other animals? To me this is classic allergy signs?

Does your dog have Frontline, Advantage, or any other product on its coat?

No, not from the product. I get it as well, don't scratch it will go away quickly, yes it is an allergy sign. I just hug tighter-then I don't notice when I look into a pair of chocolate eyes!

I wonder if it couldn't be an environmental allergy? Something in the yard where he plays? Do you have any outdoor environmental allergies?

Interesting. We've had 2 Basenjis for 6 years with no issues. We just got a puppy and twice my wife has had a mild allergic reaction on her arms like you describe. I wonder if it is from the puppy?

It's actually from the hair type. I can hold my heeler mix who has soft Am. Eskimo fur and don't get the bumps. If I hold the Basenji's or the Boxer I get them. It's from the short, prickly fur. Since Shadow now has a Neuter coat I don't get it as bad from him.

Well, she never had an issue with teh older dorgs and their hair is coarse. The puppy is stil as soft as velvet.

I can only speak from my experience with different breed types.

I am new to this site but I can say that I have had dogs all my life and I now have four Basenji's and I only have one of them that gives me those bumps. My doctor says it is the hair texture and environment. The hair is so short on her that I pick up all the allergens that she is holding on her skin, All I do is wash her off with a wet towel before I touch her and we are great. Maybe you could try that..

My son also gets red bumps on his inner arms when he holds Magnum. Didn't help any to bathe him (Magnum, LOL!). They don't really seem to itch and go away fairly quickly. My son just doesn't pick him up much anymore. Magnum probably prefers that anyway!

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