• Duke, a little 12 pound Basenji mix, tends to get carsick. I've never had a dog that gets carsick once it's passed puppyhood, and Duke is 2 years old so this isn't a puppy thing. I guess Duke has been given vet prescribed pills (I don't know what) yet he still barfs. My suggestion was to take him for increasingly longer car rides and he'll eventually quit getting sick. But does anyone have another idea?

  • My parents had a B that got carsick. The vet prescribed Dramamine, and that took care of the carsickness for trips. Sometimes, it helps to keep them in the front seat or in a plastic crate where they can't see movement from the side windows. And they usually get more air in the front, and that can help with the queasiness.

    Hope Duke gets past it! How are his ears? Sometimes, ear infections or inner ear problems can cause motion sickness or make it worse.

  • We had one that we took to Texas from Ontario with us one time. We actually built a frame so that his crate would sit up higher and he could see out the windows. That worked. I've also heard ginger snap cookies.

  • My first girl got carsick. I used Dramamine (Gravol) for her. Luckily she outgrew the problem, because every time I had to pill her the neighbours thought I was killing her. She screamed her head off! (and of course spit out the pill). She did best riding loose in the back seat. That was in the '60s, and we didn't worry about such things…...

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