My basenji

last night my basenji got up and went out to go to the bathroom. when he came back in he was walking very unbalanced and actually bumped into a wall. He had the characteristics of a stroke, and this lasted for about an hour or so and seemed fine when he awoke in the morning. This is the second time this has happened to him in about 6 months. He is going on 6 yrs and I got him from the basenji rescue. anyone experience anything similar? any ideas of what could have been going on with him?

IMO it would be best to take your basenji to the vet, where bloodwork and a urinalysis can be done. Wishing the best for you.

I also suggest you take your B to the vet and have tests run - this is not something usual, and needs to be checked out.

Do let us know what the vet says.

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I must echo what everyone has said, your Basenji needs to see a vet quickly.
I hope everything goes ok for you and your Dog, keep us posted.

I already have made and appointment for this coming monday for bloodwork, He is my buddy and I will definately get him cked out. I was just wondering if maybe it might be just a common occurance when they get some inner ear infections. thanks for all the help.

Joe and his basenji Anubis

Glad Anubis has an appointment Joe.
I love his name, our last Basenji was a rescue called Benji but we sometimes called him Anubis as a nickname.

I have had that happen to a Basenji in the past and I can't think of the name of it. He looked like he was way off balance and came out of it. The vet said it happens and nothing was given or done. We discussed it here on the forum before. But just to be safe you should visit the vet.


Were you thinking of Vestibular syndrome, Dan?

That's it Snorky!! 😃

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