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    We just ran into this new issue, where our soon to be 6months B has been feeling rather sick for the past few days. He has a runny nose, especially after waking up (seems to be clear, transparent fluid), and increased sneazing. Eye boogers (whiteish) seem to appear more often, as well.

    We've been to the vet and he said he has mild conjuctivities and inflamed nose passages. He couldn't say for sure if it's seasonal allergy or the begging of a kennel cough (was not vaccinated for it, I was not aware he needed to be before joining a group of dogs he's been hanging out with). He gave him an inflammatory shot and prescribed us some eye/nose drops for ~7 days, to see if anything changes. However, it's been 4 days and I don't see much improvement, in fact, yesterday I took him for a short walk and he started to sound like he couldn't breath. I don't know how to describe it, but it scared me so I took him to ER (another VET). They gave him another inflammatory shot and told me to increase the nasal drops to 2-3, and come back for another 2 shots and see how he reacts afterwards.

    The inflammatory shots (MELOXICAM) seem excesive to me when they don't even know for sure what the cause is. I hate it when docs, in general, do 'experiments' to find out the issue.

    Although he eats and drinks as usual (still food motivated, too), he's been pretty lethargic today.

    Anyone else confronted with something similar? I suspect it to be allergic to grass, as it seems to get worse when he sniffs around it (especially freshly cut grass), but he's been fine until past week. Could it be food related, although he doesn't have any skin rashes? (the only new things we introduced him to are some homemade biscuits)

  • @lustopher - Could be either, I never give Kennel cough unless you are going to a boarding or day care that requires it. There are so many strains of kennel cough and the vaccine only covers a few of them. So even if you had vaccinated him, he still could have gotten Kennel Cough. The fact that he is lethargic could be due to the shots they gave him. Did they do blood work? That would be important, in my opinion. And possibility that there have been any gardening done where you take him? Could it be that the grounds were treated?

  • If it hasn't happened before, it could well be an allergy to the pollen that is around at this time of year. I don't inoculate against kennel cough for the same reasons @tanza doesn't. If not the emergency vet, your own one should have done blood work.

    I have had one instance of something similar. Driving up to Scotland to a show in early May with a friend and her Basenjis as well as my own. No sooner were we across the border than one of hers starting sneezing and developed lumps and bumps the first time we stopped to let them pee.

    It continued the three part-days we were in Scotland (up one day, show the next, leave for home the next) but both of us always carried Piriton with us - a mild anti-hayfever remedy for humans - basically chlorphenamine maleate - which Basenjis also find helpful. On this occasion it did help that particular dog.

    Lumps disappeared as soon as we were back in England - so I am sure this instance was grass related

  • Grass has been cut where we take him to meet other dogs. I'll keep him away for now and see if that helps, although he seems to start sneazing when taken outside, even more so when in contact with grass and plants (for potty only now).

    Taking him to the vet tomorrow again and I'll ask for blood test as well.

  • It doesn't have to be cut grass - this time of year there is pollen in the air. Some of my (human) family suffer runny noses and weepy eyes now for a month or so.

  • For anyone experiencing similar symptoms, gonna post a recap from today's visit. Vet said that it's very likely to be an allergy, since his symptoms didn't really worsen, other than 2 or 3 breathing difficulty attacks (probably due to extra exposure to the allergen). Chances to be a foreign body stuck in his nasal passage or ear are very slim, because he would've already gotten at least some yellowish/greenish, pus like, nasal discharge and a lot more pawing and overall discomfort. Same goes for kennel cough, but since it has a longer incubation period, he said to keep under supervision for 2-4 more days (should at least get some specific coughing, fever or something related to infections).

    He said that a blood test would pretty much say nothing in this case, and a lung X-ray is also not needed since he didn't hear anything weird with the stethoscope.
    He just recommended to stay away as much as possible from grass for now and keep an eye on him. Prescribed Aeurius in case of other breathing attacks.

    All in all, my boy seems to be getting better. Not much sneazing, other than a few times when taken outside. Nose doesn't seem to be as runy either. And he seems to be getting his energy back, as he wanted to play today. As much as I dislike his zoomies sometimes, I 100% prefer that than not feeling well and laying down, heh.

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