Reverse sneezing

I finally found something after searching the internet for a few hours on something Buddy did in the middle of the night. It was a bit scary as he's never done it, he doesn't even snore as he's very, very quiet. He did for about 5 seconds and then again about 15 minutes later for about 2-3 seconds. He seemed fine after that and went back to sleep. I was with him for 2 hours before leaving to work and he never did it again.

Reverse Snezzing is pretty common for most dogs… and agree that it can be scary if you have not heard it before

My whippets get it really bad at this time of yr. One of my vet friends says a dose of pediatriac afrin drops will help if it gets too severe as will benydrl. I took Scotti to the vet last week as it was getting so bad she was not eating. Pills and drops prescribed and she is back to eating again, still has a bit of the reverse sneezing, but its not as bad. Will be nice when pollen season is over.

Wow, I've never had an animal do that before. I used to have a friend that had a Chihuahua that would do it. That was the only time I've ever seen it. We didn't know what it was.

Here is a great vet site with both kennel cough and reverse sneeze videos


My two non B's, the shnauzer mix and the dachshund both does it…in the spring time..i.e allergies..last spring I even took them both to the vet not knowing they could get seasonal allergies the way humans do..they were both put on benadryl..

Hope buddy feels better soon..although it might not even bother him, huh?


Here is a great vet site with both kennel cough and reverse sneeze videos

Good Link Debra.

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