I am wondering about a sneezing problem with my Bella that started a couple of weeks ago. She will sneeze, mostly when she first wakes up after a nap or in the morning. She makes the craziest faces and then comes out with a series of sneezes. Nothing else seems to be bothering her… no cough or nasal discharge or anything. The only thing I can think of corresponding with the onset of this sneezing is her check-up. She had a kennel cough vaccine (the one they put in thier nose) about three weeks ago. Is it possible that it irritated her nasal passages??? 😕

I would say yes to that, anything that touches their noses seems to make them sneeze. If it continues for another week I would call my vet, she might have allergies, lots of pollen this time of year. Sahara will sneeze alot when their is pollen in the air.

If it keeps going for much longer, I would take her into the vet…there could be something stuck up there that is causing an irritation.

My german shepherd mix had allergic bronchitis. The nasal spray vaccine would make her sneeze for days afterwards. After the first time, I always had the vet give her that vaccine by injection. My current vet only carries the spray vaccine. I actually took Pepper to another vet just to get the injection. The nasal spray never bothered by B Max.

Yup Topaz has been sneezing quite a bit more than usual these days. I have a feeling the poor little girl has a pollen allergies.

Altho I think your issue is different & going to the Vet sounds like a good idea.

weird, jack had the same problem the other day, we got a video if it actually, i post it next. The faces he made we SO funny!!! But its was only for a couple of days and about three weeks or so ago he got the same kennel meds so that must be it!! HERES THE VIDEO!!we only caught the end of a 10 series of sneezes!!


The poor Captain, the crew laughing at his missery like that

My dog sneezes a lot on walks sniffing grass. Probably allergic to grass

yes, Caesar has been sneezing a lot as well. I suspect there is stuff a bloomin'

Love the video…

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