• Last couple of days Jaycee has had several sneezing fits she will sneeze 6 or 7 times before stopping. I have worried she will hit her nose on floor she will sneeze so hard. What do I do??? Going to turn the air on today and shut windows in hopes this helps.

    Rita Jean

  • Any chance that she might have a foxtail in her nose? Or something else from the yard that she might have "sniffed" up her nose? If so, Vet visit is called for

  • Pat could be but it's when she first gets up and then in the kate evening and Jayden also has done it some. Could it be allergies she never done in summer before and she will be three this Dec just thought. We will be going to vet if this happens anymore.

    Rita Jean

  • Maybe freshly cut grass? Kipawa has had a few sneezes when our grass cutter guy is over. Then the rest of the week, nothing.

  • It's very possible something has started growing that she has a slight allergy to. My Gemma sneezes when we first go into the fields in the morning lately because everything is coming up and it's dewy as well. She also did this during pollen season, but seldom any other time. Of course our A/C is always on because the days are so hot now, and that may be the answer for you. If she had something up her nose, I think she would be "blowing" trying to get it out, but a vet visit would answer that for you.

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