Sneezing, snoring, sniffing loudly

We just adopted a basenji mix from the shelter yesterday. She is believed to be about a year old. We have noticed that she sneezes a lot and when she sniffs things it’s loud. She also snores on her inhale and exhale while sleeping. Is that normal for this breed? I’m thinking she may have seasonal allergies. I will be calling the vet as well, but just wanted to see what you guys thought.

Not normal for a pure bred Basenji. And I would say that this would be semi normal for breeds/mixes that have flat faces such as a pug

Sounds like calling the vet is the best idea. Not normal for a basenji for sure.

Our purebred basenji sneezes at us when he gets upset with us. That is the only time he does it though.

@may_seeee our basenji is so quiet when he sleeps. You never would know he is there. Please see the vet

I have recently read that there are a number of grasses and weed that have seeds that cling. Fox grass being one of them. Dogs snuffle and inhale seeds and they sometimes get stuck inside the nose and throat causing such symptoms. Make sure vet gives a close check of interior of nose. Can cause inflammation . Wish i could remember the article but this is all i recall.

Thank you all, the vet has been closed for the weekend but I’m calling tomorrow. I’ve noticed she only sneezes when she gets super excited and worked up, like when I come home, or when she goes outside and is sniffing something intensely. And now her snoring is only sometimes while she sleeps. I’m thinking it’s allergies of some sort, but I will call and find out what the vet says tomorrow. Thanks again!!

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@may_seeee Good luck, hope it’s something simple.

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