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Thank you all, the vet has been closed for the weekend but I’m calling tomorrow. I’ve noticed she only sneezes when she gets super excited and worked up, like when I come home, or when she goes outside and is sniffing something intensely. And now her snoring is only sometimes while she sleeps. I’m thinking it’s allergies of some sort, but I will call and find out what the vet says tomorrow. Thanks again!!

posted in Basenji Health Issues & Questions read more

We just adopted a basenji mix from the shelter yesterday. She is believed to be about a year old. We have noticed that she sneezes a lot and when she sniffs things it’s loud. She also snores on her inhale and exhale while sleeping. Is that normal for this breed? I’m thinking she may have seasonal allergies. I will be calling the vet as well, but just wanted to see what you guys thought.

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