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    My basenji is dealing with a similar issue as the Basenji in this topic from years past. He’s been sneezing a lot for over 3 weeks- had bloody noses for about a week, just one nostril. He did a round of antibiotics and 20 days of allergy medication (temril p) which helped a lot. As soon as I took him off the medication, he’s was back to sneezing, this time with clear discharge. I would like to avoid doing a scope, as I can’t help but think it’s an allergy (since the antihistamine is working). We live in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a wet time of year with leaves on the ground...mold allergy? Anyone out there have a similar experiance?

  • @jane-el Seems like you are doing everything possible. Allergies are common in all Animals and since the Antihistamine is working I would suggest getting him tested for Mold. Mold is dangerous as it settles in the lungs. Mold remediation in Homes costs a fortune because there are so many different strains and you on the West Coast most likely have different strains of the stuff then I have on the East Coast.

    The Vet can swab his nose and put that under a Microscope, he/she will most likely send it to a Laboratory for confirmation of the type of Mold you have. My Mom's 2 Senior Rescue Dogs are allergic to ragweed and other things that come in late Spring and early summer. They get Hot Spots but she has a tonic that she puts on their skin that lubricates it but discourages them from licking themselves raw.

    I hope you get it sorted out and know you are being a great Steward for your Dog!



  • Do you think it could be some type of burrlike plant that is remaining in the nostril or sinus tract?

  • Sounds like allergies, but Chris could be right. Foxtail is a common problem and could cause similar symptoms. Unfortunately, scoping is necessary.

  • @antigone What is the tonic that your Mom uses on hot spots?

  • My Mom uses Baby Oil with Peppermint Essential Oil and mixes those 2 things together and adds H20 so she can spray it on. Those Hot Spots are awful but my Mom's Tonic does the trick. The diluted oils are not dangerous and Peppermint Oil is what keeps them from licking themselves raw. Good luck!


  • Please be careful using even diluted essential oils. Dogs absorb it through the skin, inhale it when smelling it. Talk to your vet.

    ::::::Peppermint is considered toxic to dogs by the ASPCA. In small doses, however, it is generally safe. That does not necessarily make it good for dogs. If you want to use a flea repellent that contains peppermint, talk to your veterinarian about which products are safe for dogs, how to apply them, and the correct dosage.Sep 5, 2017<<


    ::::'Like oil and water,' essential oils and your pet may be a bad mix
    'These products are not tested on animals at all,' says Nova Scotia veterinarian
    While some essential oils can be useful in treating some animal issues, he said there are concerns about the high concentrations of the oils, while even those that are diluted may use a substance that itself is harmful to pets.:::

  • @antigone Thanks! I'll look into it.

  • @debradownsouth The ASPCA is a horrible organization for all animals. Every time legislation is introduced to Ban Horse Slaughter they get in touch with the Reps and Senators and kill the bill. They started by protecting Carriage Horses in New York City but those Carriage Horses are still there suffering. With Dogs they commit fraud with their TV Commercials. They say they are a no kill shelter but they outsource the killing.

    I did my own investigation into them at the Headquarters on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. I went every day after work for 2 weeks and said I was interested in a small dog. I told them which dog I was interested in but the day after that the dog was gone. It had not been adopted because they said the little Dog was vicious! It was not. they give the Dogs and Cats 7 Days and then they transfer them to a facility that has one purpose: to Euthanize Dogs and Cats.

    The oils are so diluted that there is no danger of them being made ill. My Mom is a Nurse and we had one Cat who lived to be 25 years old. She knows what she is doing. ASPCA is not a good source because they lie and defraud their donors.


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