• Both Jazzy and Keoki have white around their noses, and when they are sleepy/sleeping the skin under the white turns pink noses turn pink.
    The pink is pale or deep depending on how deeply asleep they are or have been.
    It's too cute!

    Because it's both of them, I assume it's the B-norm. True?

  • A couple of mine have white around their noses…. honestly I never really noticed but will look... but I am sure it is normal, at least for a Basenji!!

  • Yep, I have definitely noticed it more with puppies. When they are all warm and snuggly. Ariel's nose gets a very, very deep pink when she is deep in sleep.

  • Lexi's nose always turns pink when she's sleepy. I think it's SO cute!! It's like she gets all warm and nuggly and then her nose turns pink. So cute!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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