• Hi to all!!!

    I am interesting about the next question. If we have the next combination - bitch with black nose and dark eyes and male (has pink middle nose and also a bit light eyes), how puppies will inherit nose and eyes? May be somebody has examples in some litters. How do you think, can the master of female "forgive" this things to male (than mating) if his apearence is greate?

  • Interesting question, but I think it all comes up to who gives what gene. I have a girl with a lighter nose, but none of the puppies from her first litter got her light nose. So, hard to tell.

  • Salis, before breeding a person should understand the genetics of their breed and what traits are dominant. I have no idea.. but I do know that in Rotties, few responsible breeders will breed a light eyed dog as it is serious for our breed.

    As for Arlene's response.. if you are suggesting that a gene matters whether it comes from the bitch or stud, it doesn't unless it is a sex linked gene. Maybe I misunderstood what you are saying.

    I do know that eye color is connected to coat color in many if not most breeds as well as nose. A big problem in Chows is that cream chows end up almost exclusively with light noses. Light noses are a "no no" for chows, so they can't win. They were trying to get an exclusion to the dark nose made for Cream chows, but honestly haven't looked in a while.. oh heck let me look.. NOPE, still a DQ:

    Disqualifying Fault – Nose spotted or distinctly other color than black, except in blue Chows which may have solid blue or slate noses.

    Okay so the answer is probably that it depends on the color of the coat whether you end up with lighter eyes and nose since it seems connected with most breeds I have read coat color genetics on. But then, again, I do NOT know basenji genetics.

  • I understand that "light" eye is not desired for breeding b's.

  • No dog is perfect. If the male you are looking at has a lot of great qualities in looks, character and in health, and he compliments your female well, I wouldn't worry about the light nose or eyes. Yes, the pups could inherit them, so that's a choise you will have to make 🙂 I wouldn't exclude a nice male from breeding only based on the colour of his eyes…

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