• Hi, my sweet Marley has tiny little bumps (about the size of a beebee) all over his body. Started out about four days ago and is spreading all over his coat, even on his head. Any ideas??

  • hives, usually from an allergic reaction to something eaten, but can also be from a bug bite/sting.

    Has he had anything new to eat?
    Best bet is to call the vet's office, explain the situation, ask if benadryl will help and how much. Also if he appears itchy, a cool bath helps.

    Four days is a long time from a bite/sting. So I'd almost bet it's food or environment related and it's a series of reactions to the same trigger.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Thanks so much for the feedback. We haven't changed his diet but he eats just about anything he finds in the yard. I'll call the vet and see what they say.

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