• Seeing as so many are in cold climates... What is the best/warmest doggy outerwear? I purchased a "down jacket" (literally) for my new dog thinking that, "Oh! This will keep her warm!", but I highly suspect she won't be as warm in it as I think she is. How are you (all) keeping your dogs warm in the North?

  • I find boots are more important than coats when it's really cold, but a coat is definitely a good idea. The one I used most had a water resistant outer layer and a fleecy under layer. Went on over his head and with a belt that tied up the bottom snug against his belly. For boots I used Muttluks and found they really helped, as if his feet got cold he lost all interest in walking!

  • @eeeefarm Smart dogs, I don't know anyone who really likes (prolonged) cold feet.

  • For cold weather I suggest Hurtta coats. Summit parka is great coat for cold active walkies, and extreme warmer for very cold and windy (it has a scarf you can put over dogs ears).
    We hike a lot and Fred doesn’t mind to be in a coat, his movement is the same...
    He is size 40...and it fits great because it has the adjustable back lenght

  • A friend was making a kind of Barbour jacket for her husband. Only difference was she used navy instead of the traditional dark green. With off-cuts she made me two Basenji Barbour Jackets. fleece lined, waterproof and with lovely collars to keep the wind out of their ears. I don't know how many generations of my Bs have worn these - they were made for Donner, circa 1993 ! The oldies loved the ones I used to crochet by the hundred and sell on e-bay. Hmmm. Maybe I should go back to making them.

  • The best coat I have found for her so far is one made by Chili Dog called the Great White North. Only when the temp drops down below -20 degrees Celsius do I add a sweater underneath. The coat fits snuggly the full length of her neck and chest all the way down her back so I find she is warmer with it on. The coat and muttluk boots keep her fairly comfortable.

  • @zande said in brrr... coat suggestions?:

    The oldies loved the ones I used to crochet by the hundred and sell on e-bay. Hmmm. Maybe I should go back to making them.

    I should NOT have written that. I got all enthusiastic and finished one I started months ago. Tried it on Hoover who was quite happy with it but then I didn't put it away properly and this morning I found someone had eaten a hole out of the middle of the neck. <sigh> She will have to wear it with a large crochet-ed patch -

  • Hurrta! I was able to get a discontinued style pretty cheap on eBay :).

  • I have found that the Gooby stretch fleece pull overs on Amazon are the best. Lily has a few of them in different colors. She has ripped at least 4 different wool sweaters that I bought her made by Chilly Dog. I think the wool makes her itchy or she just doesn’t like the bulkiness of them. Anyway, the fleece ones are great. If it is really cold, I put a jacket over the fleece. Also, Lily can get anything off it is too loose or has a zipper so the fleece pull overs I buy are a one piece. 0_1520187543829_D86BF936-8AB6-4CB0-AFFA-513393523A62.jpeg 0_1520187495809_79564DC2-C06D-4F4F-A6FC-CF7A88687BFE.jpeg

  • I made fleece coats for my two - but really they don't go outside except to potty when it gets real cold (this winter we often had days below 0).
    They never wear booties - don't stay on long enough - by the time I got the last two on, the first two would be pulled off !

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