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I have a tri colour basenji who had two of her front nails turn partially black a couple of years ago. I googled it and found that it is common with tri colour dogs to have their nail colour change to black. She has had no issues with it aside from the colour change.

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I am from Ontario as well. Bouncing between Burlington and Waterdown. There is a fabulous breeder in Petawawa that will have a litter in late 2019. I have a 6 year old from her now and she is hands down the best basenji ever!! (OK...I am somewhat biased...and I haven't met any other basenji's). The breeders name is Sanda Allen and her company is Africanadian Basenji's. You can find her on Facebook for sure. She did have a website but I don't think it's been updated in years.

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Hi, our basenji was a year and a half old when we got her and she had been bounced around to 3 different homes before she came to ours. She was very angry when she left to come with us and she growled any time we remotely did anything she didn't like. I remembered thinking "when is she going to finally accept us as her family?" Well it took about 9 months for that to happen. Now she very rarely growls and it's usually if she feels threatened or just wants to give you a firm no (like at bath time and now that growl can be ignored without consequence). All I can say is hang in there. They love to be loved and in my case, she finally came around.

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She is a beauty! My initial reaction when I saw the picture was that she had the face of a German Sheppard. If you find out what mix she is, keep us posted.

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My basenji is also aggressive on a leash and it really is her only negative trait. When we first got her, she was very angry (we were not her first house) and she tried to show us she was top dog. She nipped me a few times when she didn't want to do something and ended up in her crate immediately. Now she will put her mouth on my hand as a way of playing or expressing her displeasure but she never bites. As for walking, I have her on an 8ft leash so she can explore once he hit the trails but it is retractable so when we are in the city I keep it short and her close. She has on occasion tried to nip me to get me to drop the leash. I do react quite strongly when it happens. I scoop her up and hold her snout shut and (without blocking her nose of course) tell her no very sternly. I will stand there until she stops squirming. If she tries pulling again when I put her down, I scoop her up again right away and will either stand and wait or carry her and walk until she settles again. When I can put her down and she behaves, then I give her tons of praise and let her know we are still friends. She really dislikes being reprimanded and responds more strongly to praise. I find she very rarely nips now. She will still try and pull towards another dog to attack but I keep her back and give a firm no. I also let the other dog owners know she is not friendly on a leash and ask them to keep their dog away. Having said all this, she is fine at the dog park. She will run and play to her hearts content. I just have to watch her around fluffy white dogs. This is my first basenji and quite frankly she is like no other dog I have ever met. Being a newbie isn't a detriment!

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My basenji did that when we first adopted her as well. It took a while but it will pass. According to the breeder it is a stress reaction. We were her 3 or 4th house and she was initially very upset at the change. Once she settled in it stopped happening.

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Good luck finding one! My Basenji could eventually work her way out of every one. You have to be very diligent about keeping the straps done up tightly. It got very stressful letting someone else walk her because she was so adept at wriggling her way out that I gave up and just leash her to her collar.

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The best coat I have found for her so far is one made by Chili Dog called the Great White North. Only when the temp drops down below -20 degrees Celsius do I add a sweater underneath. The coat fits snuggly the full length of her neck and chest all the way down her back so I find she is warmer with it on. The coat and muttluk boots keep her fairly comfortable.

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We live in Ontario and we are buried in snow and ice at the moment. Not taking Ember for walks is simply not an option because she comes to our office everyday and the basenji 500 is just not acceptable work place behaviour. The best winter boot I have found for Basenji's are Xtra Small Muttlucks. Your basenji will hate putting them on, but they won't be screaming because they have salt or ice in their paws. With her muttlucks and a warm coat, she can go for her regular walks. She also likes hiking trails in the winter and is comfortable without her boots on. Hope this helps!

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