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    Our dog has has some dandruff on and off since we adopted him but today I noticed a more prominent section of white flakes on the back of his neck that looked different than his normal dandruff. Has anyone experienced this before? I've attached a photo for reference. We will of course take him to the vet if it continues or gets worse, just wondering if it's something normal. I also am highly allergic to pet dander and have had no symptoms with him but had an outbreak right after I noticed the white stuff. Not sure if there's a connection.

    On a similar note, how often do you take your basenji to the groomer? When we first got him he barely shed and it's been about a month and he's been shedding a lot more the past few days. Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts or input!

  • What do you feed him? How dry is your house? Often a better food with higher fat content helps. As will daily brushing to remove dead skin, promote distribution of skin oil and dead hair.

  • @lcwaxy85 said in Coat Dandruff or Something Else??:

    On a similar note, how often do you take your basenji to the groomer?

    Never! If he's shedding go over him with a hound glove or brush. Basenjis do such a good job of grooming themselves that they seldom need much attention other than toenail clipping and the occasional brushing, maybe a bath if they've rolled in something really disgusting. Too many baths can result in dry skin and dandruff issues. Also, I find dandruff can be a time of year thing.

    BTW, I do not see a photograph.

  • @lcwaxy85 - Groomer = Never.... learn to trim nails yourself, I use a dremel. And as asked what are you feeding him? Note that Basenji's typically blow coat once a year so it can get heavy during that time. How old is he? Basenjis have dander, period and again as with shedding, some more than others. Not sure what you mean by "different from normal dandruff"?

  • Never take mine to a groomer - as Tanza said they pretty much self groom - I brush in spring when their winter coat comes off. Quality food and maybe some fish oil supplement will help. If his skin is really dry you may need a shampoo (oatmeal based recommended by my vet).

  • Why are you taking him to a groomer?
    Basenjis are self cleaning and may suffer from allergies and maybe skin issues.
    Please stop bathing and grooming him.
    Dandruff can also be a sign of stress or maybe your home is too dry?

  • Diet, diet, diet. Feed your basenji at least the level of Purina Beyond. If you pour a little homemade chicken, beef, lamb or fish stock to the feed all your skin and hair problems will disappear.

  • My basenji did that when we first adopted her as well. It took a while but it will pass. According to the breeder it is a stress reaction. We were her 3 or 4th house and she was initially very upset at the change. Once she settled in it stopped happening.

  • Basenjis will throw Dandruff when they are stressed. Mine did that when she went to the Vet. She stood like a Statue but let the Vet do his job. I had my Basenji for 16 years and I never took her to a Groomer for anything. She did not shed much and she was a Tri so I would have had black hairs if she shed a lot. I clipped her nails myself and the only time I had to Bathe her was when she got into my Watercolor Paint Box and stole a Tube of Midnight Blue. The paint was not toxic but she had blue streaks all over her. I got it all off and she attempted to escape the tub for the entire duration of the Bath.

  • I think oatmeal baths are for other types of dogs. I rarely give our girl a bath; she is definitely not a fan of water. She is practically spotless with no odor - self-cleaning. She sheds slightly more early in the year, i.e., springtime but that has already passed - lasted about a day. I give her vitamin E and B and all natural food with CET chews to keep her teeth and gums strong. No sure what causes the dandruff; have seen it occasionally but it is the exception and not the rule. As someone else said, it might be a stress thing. Best of luck.

  • We only bathed if leia rolled in some animal poop which for some reason she did every now and then, and somehow her nails were always trimmed, maybe from walking on pavement but she did bite her nails but no grooming for basenjis

  • I couldn't find your picture so I'm literally speculating, but it could be dermatitis mange. This mange is caused by mites, which all dogs get from their mothers. Not infectious to other dogs or humans. You can see the mites under a microscope. If it is dermatitis mange, I'd ignore it unless it starts getting out of control since it's not harmful.

    I don't think you'd need a groomer unless your baby is seriously resistant to nail trimming. As others have mentioned, they shed a couple of times a year. Usually not a big deal.

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