• Sandie was diagnosed with Pannas today …. It all started in Aug. 2012 when i noticed a white lession on her eye ... that eye had a lot of discharge also... i got her in to see the vet that same day. At that time the vet checked her for a ulcer using the stain and a light and set her a surgery appoinment to scrape the ulcer off ... I have been using a drop in that eye since then and finally now it is healing. Late friday night i notice the discharge in the other eye and upon inspecting it i see the small redish white raised formation in her eye, called the vet first thing Saturday morning, set an appointment for today (monday) she sent me to see a eye specialist to get a second opinion ...I was able to get in to see the eye specialist today and she said with out a doubt its Pannas.
    It is a immune disorder where her eye is attacking itself, she will have to take eye drops the rest of her life to control the lessions, avoid bright sun, and no more riding with the windows down in the car and her head hanging out unless she has on goggles ... i dont know if she will get used to the goggles she hates things on her head.
    Mostly i wanted to share this so everyone is aware if you see any thing that resembles a catarac or lession on the eye please get it checked it could be a ulcer or pannas either of which causes blindness if not treated in time.

  • Has the breeder been advised? This is often considered a hereditary disease

  • Sandie is a mix Basenji/Rodesian … And i dont know who the breeder was ... I was wanting information on it ... the good the bad and the ugly ... the vet made it sound like a life long struggle of eye meds and a ointment to use daily ...

  • Everything that I have read indicates what the Vet told you was correct. Was the Vet a certified Ophth. Vet? Or your regular Vet? You might want to just get a 2nd opinion from a Specialist if that is the case.

  • I first took her to my regular vet she sent me to a certified ophth. vet. for a second opinion… my regular vet thought it was a ulcer which was what sandie was treated for the first time in Aug. She goes back for a recheck on the 31st .... i went on amazon.com and found the ointment i was given for nightly .. and orderd a 6 pack of it. also bought her a pink pair of Doggles which she isnt very fond of but like any thing else new to her she will get used to it ...

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