• Would love to hear from folks about their dog having thyroid problems and seizures. I have read from some online sources that if our dog is not receiving soloxine, they may be at risk for Seizures. Has anyone else found this to be true. My Redje is 12 and isnt on soloxine, but another off brand.

    what ever you can provide me for input re: seizures and your basenji and any complications with Thyroid meds and seizures would be most appreciated. 😃

  • I have never heard of seizures, however it is pretty will noted that the "real" soloxine is the best thing to use. I had a generic brand and we could not get my oldest boys levels where they should be ever, changed to Soloxine and boom… within days you could see the difference. And I have never seen complications with Thyroid meds (at least not Soloxine).... The price difference is not that much, especially if you get the precription from the Vet and send it to places like Omaha Vaccine Co. There is one med that is said to be pretty much as good as soloxine, I think it is called ThyroTabs? But I am not sure about that.

  • My previous beastie developed thyroid problems (and it took the vet a long time to figure it out too) but he wasn't put on soloxine. I can't remember the name of the meds but it started with a b. He never had any siezures and he was on the meds for probably five years or so.

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