• Hi all, my 4 month old Basenji puppy seems to be having some poop problems. Whenever she poops, she walks all over the place. When I try to make her stay still, it is like she cant push it out. Her poop is for the most part is very watery. We have done two stool samples, both with negative results. At first, she was on Fromm Puppy Gold, now the vet has her on Hills Canine ID Prescription food. Any suggestions?

  • As for the walking around, our Lela has done that for the last 6,5 years. Her sister sits still while pooping. Personal thing, I guess. As for the watery-ness: we feed raw meat and this gives much better stool (and better coat and other things): thicker, and about 40% less, no more diarrhea which they had weekly when on kibble (even high quality). Maybe you could try it, and add probiotics for a while to build the intestinal flora. Cooked pumpkin and sweet potatoe are also great to end intestinal trouble (no rice and chicken).

  • @jamato


    I'm no expert, but my 4 month old puppy eats the same Fromm Puppy Gold and her stools are fine. She also does walk a little when going but shes always done that, so I don't think you have to worry about that, maybe ask the breeder for any advise since the tests have come back negative?

  • 3/4 of all my Basenjis are "walking poopers".... very common.... don't try and make her stand still.
    Anything from Hills is not on my list to ever use... What was she eating when with her breeder? Has it been watery since you brought her home or is this something new? You might try adding a Probiotic. You can use human or you can find many for dogs on line. And many, many times the stool sample will not show anything but they still have something going on and need treatment.

  • While Hills Rx diets are life savers for dogs really needing prescription foods, you have a puppy and the need for ID seems rather extreme to me... and suspicious. If this is not a vet you simply adore, you might look around for one who doesn't jump to pushing rx food. I agree with Pat, Hills is simply nothing I'd use unless no other choice.

    Second, I'd suggest getting off puppy food, period. Rather than going to an rx diet, getting the puppy on a no grain, low fiber should help. I love Fromm, but I never touch puppy food. With less bulk, the feces will be firmer and easier to push out. But walkers still walk, lol. It's just what they do, but hopefully less once the stool is firmer.

  • @DebraDownSouth, I plan on telling my vet that it didn't work. Can you suggest any specific brand that carries no grain and low fiber? If not I can always google it and do some research! Thanks!

  • @tanza, it is good to see that quite a few Basenji owners have this "walking" trait, it's relieving! Regarding her poop, it has been watery for about 3 weeks. She was eating Fromm Puppy Gold,. My breeder told me to transition to adult food around 6 months. I will look into the Probiotic!Thanks !

  • @jamato - even Fromms has grain free, just go to their website...

  • @jamato - You didn't say what the breeder was feeding and if you changed it , when.... by the way, like Debra, I have never used puppy food on my litters or pups... it is NOT need if you use a good quality grain free kibble... my litters/pups eat the same as the adults...

  • @tanza, my breeder had her on Fromm Puppy Gold

  • @tanza, @DebraDownSouth, I spoke to my vet. He told me to look into Orijen Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. It looks like a good option, but since the both of you are more experienced with this breed, I would love your opinions. My breeder said that it is a wonderful food as well. If you guys say it's a better option, I will purchase it right away. With that being said, how do you suggest i transition my Basenji to it? This will now be her third food in a couple of months. Thank you for your assistance! You have been very helpful!

  • To deal with the diarhea now, you could try adding some pumpkin (your vet should have suggested that). But changing diets will probably help in the long run.

  • @jamato - It is a good food.... or you could just change to Fromms adult, I use Surf & Turf. However, that said and the fact that the diarhea started while on the same food that she was eating leads me to believe that there is something else going on then a food issue.
    As far as a transition, start by adding a few kibbles at a time, increase over about 2 to 3 wks.
    I don't have that issue (changing foods) as I change all the time... and my Basenjis are used to many different kinds of foods (for kibble always grain free) including veggies, fruits.....

  • Like Pat, I rotate foods, give them some of most things I eat (just a bite or 2).. so changing foods fast isn't an issue. Right now, yes do it slowly. Origen is good. And yeah to the pumpkin suggestion.. a few spoons can help help firm up the stools.

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