• i found this pea size lump on the side of my basenji puppy deoji…it's right behind his left shoulder and can move, almost feels like it's in the muscle...and i don't know if i just never noticed it before or if it's getting bigger because i can see where the fur kinda puffs out where it's at now (i have a hard time believing i just didn't notice it though because i pet him constantly)
    any clues as to what this might be and is it a problem?

    if i can tell it's getting bigger than i'm going to take him to the vet right away, but as of now it doesn't seem to bother him so i'm going to wait for his appointment 2 weeks from now for his 3rd set of shots

  • well, it could be a reaction to a shot, if the shot was given there.

    it could be a microchip, if he is chipped

    or it could be as simple as just a fatty tumor, that just needs to be masaged to go away

  • Fatty tumor would be unusal for a pup this age. I would bet a shot reaction

  • Could also be a swollen lymphe node. Just a sign that the immune system is hard at work.

  • my guess is just a reaction to his vaccinations. Did he get one there? It will eventually go away.

  • Dallas has the same thing & I was told it was a reaction to his recent rabies vaccination. It will go away within a few weeks.

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