• My new puppy Medjai has just gone to the vet yesterday and they said that he had two baby teeth that needed to be taken out. One fell out overnight on it's own and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help the other one come out too. It's right next to his canine. The other problem I am worrying about is that there is a lump on the lower left side of his neck. I have no idea what it is but it is hard, round, and doesn't hurt him when I feel it trying to figure out what it is. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with his tail being on his left and him always leaning on his left side. (maybe his vocal cords on the left side too) [that's just what I'm thinking].

    Any thoughts would be nice.

    He also strikes me as being very tired for a 6 month old. He would like nothing else but to sleep on my lap. He has only played for about 2 hours a day the last few days. (that's all I've had him)

  • To get the tooth out you could try giving him some hard chew bones. As far as the lump on his neck I'm not sure. If it was on the back of his neck I would say vaccines but the front? Did he get his shots yesterday? Maybe a swollen lymph node?

  • Chewing is the best thing for loosening baby teeth. Make sure he has ample chew toys.

    As for the lump if it was on the back of the neck near the shoulder blades, then it is probably a vaccine reaction and normally goes away with time. Since it is in a different spot, you may want to have the vet take a look at it and document it so if it changes with time you know.

    My six month old puppy is very busy. She sleeps a lot interspersed into her mischief but is pretty active from the time I get home at about 4pm until 8pm or later. Most of that time is chewing or pestering the cat or adult basenjis with a few "hard play" sessions interspersed.

  • When did he get his rabies and other shots? You should have received a record of all that from his breeder…. if within the last 3/4 wks could be a lump from the rabies shot... not abnormal, but like Lisa said shots are usually given at the base of the neck between the shoulder blades. Another thought is .. does he have a mico chip for ID? While those are usually also between the shoulder blades, it might have migrated. Would have nothing to do with what side his tail is on. Was this something you asked the Vet about when he was in to see him?

    And I am not sure what you mean he is "leaning on his left side"?

    However, most of these questions really should be asked and answered by his breeder...

    And it is surprising that his is not more active at his age....

  • I do have records of shots. I do think he had his rabies shot about 2-3 weeks ago, and I just got him microchipped yesterday. I am asking the breeder questions, but as I don't like to use the phone much and there are more of you who respond a little quicker than he does (about 2 days) I am asking you as well.

    He curls up on his right side leaning in to his left most of the time, that's what I meant.

    I didn't ask the vet about it because I really only noticed it today. I'm not sure if it's new or I just didn't notice it as I have only had him since sunday.

  • His breeder would know him best, so that really is your best bet… especially on things that would have been going on with him since you have only had him a couple of days. Could be the rabies shot, but... the location is not really where a rabies shot would be given if I understand the area you are talking about correctly... of course best if you are concerned is to see the Vet

  • how big is the lump? it could be as simple as a pore clogged with oil. it can feel like a cyst and by massaging it you can get it to head over time. Or try a warm wash cloth.

    Shot reactions, like they said, are on the shoulder blades. Caesar has a reaction to a shot and his shoulder blew up to a softball size. The vet tech that gave a shot didnt insert it in the correct manner and it dissolved with time and a Benadryl shot.

    Does your pup react when you touch it like it might hurt?

    What size is it?

    When Cairo was being neutered the vet pulled two teeth (canine and molar) that were not completely out or pushed out by the new teeth. They didnt charge me that much because he was already asleep. This is a great time for them to inspect and fix anything. They charged me $50 for pulling a baby canine that didnt come out and a molar that was on its way out.

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