• Re: Crystals in the urine sample


    My one and a half year old basenji has urine problems
    . He has crystals and it’s alkaline (pH
    is 8, but it should be 6,5). We had some allergy issues so I feed him raw with vegetables. He likes green peas. Vet suggested special food but its Full of grain and contains chicken.
    I will try with brown rice and zucchini, will loose grean beens. Do any of you have any advice?
    We have to do x-rad too because of possible Stones 😱

  • I don't have any experience with this, however if you give me your email address, I can send it to someone that has a Basenji with this issue. She can then communicate with you.

  • Thank you..my e-mail is zic.janja@gmail.com

  • @janja - I sent along your post and email to the person that I know that has these issues with their young male

  • Here is what my friend had to say:
    Sounds like struvite crystals which is No Big Deal. They are usually the result of a UTI, or if the person is feeding a very (weirdly) alkalizing diet. Typically once the UTI is treated, no more crystals.

    They should quit the vegetables for a while, check for UTI and get a good quality kibble. I suggest Fromm. 😃 The dog should be a-okay. Also, IIRC, struvite stones can be dissolved once they get the dogs urine acidic again, so even if he has stones surgery probably isn’t needed. Plenty of water is always a good thing too. Add lots to his food.

  • Thank you... I wasnt sure about the food, some say too much protein, some say that protein are good for acidic urine...
    i will loose the vegetables for a fee days (Fred will be happy) and keep treating UTI with antibiotic and D-manoze.
    Kibble is a problem because he is straching his mouth and ears when eating it, That’s why we are on raw diet. He eats horse and lamb meat and he likes green peas so that was his main vegetable. I hope the problem was in the peas 😂🤣..
    Thank you... we are going tomorrow on x ray to see If there are any Stones...

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