Coat texture
First Basenji's

I've noticed that Cody's fur has become kind of coarse lately. The last time I bathed him was a little over a month ago and I just wipe him down with a wet cloth when he needs it. Do B's coats change texture in the winter or could it be his diet?

Could be season, could be food….I can't answer that, but recently, I started AJ on salmon oil capsules: I cut a slit in the tip of the capsule and squeeze the oil out for him to lick. He loves it and his coat has gotten much softer. He still has the pricklies along his stripe, but they aren't as pokey as they used to be. I give him a 1,000mg capsule each day.

First Basenji's

Ok, thanks! I will have to try that. This is our first winter together, so I wasn't sure if their coats changed during the season.

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