Coat question….

When we got Kona he had a little bit of darker fur around his white markings on his back…well now it is a line the whole way down his back about 2 or three inches wide. Its not that kinda looks like he's just ruffled up haha I just wondered if their coats change at all...he's a little over 5 months old.

Puppies usually "blow" their baby coat after teething and the color fo the coat will change at time…. So yes their coats to change, but not a lot... just like some pedigrees have black masking aroung the face (muzzle and eyes) that will fade with age. Also on Basenjis, the white never changes size... so a big white spot will be much smaller when full grown. Looking at the picture of your Kona, I would say that the white between his eyes was almost the entire area between the eyes when born

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