• We just got a new TV (also, we moved since the other pictures were taken) and were playing Toy Story 2 the other night. Tigger went nuts.

    Luckily, he cannot reach the screen of the new TV due to the piece of furniture below it.

  • @youngandtired:

    Last night Homeward Bound was on Animal Planet, and Sahara actually watched like for 10-15 minutes at a time. It was so funny, she got up a couple of times and went to the screen, one time I was in the recliner laying back and Sahara jumped up, turned around and sat on the foot piece and watched the movie, it was too cute. Homeward Bound is the movie with the 2 dogs and a cat named Sassy that get lost and find themselves back home. I love this movie, and Eight Below, Sahara loves that movie. She watches the sleigh dogs and watches them for the longest time when they are barking. I leave Animal Planet on now when I leave the house for long periods of time. I have a Dogsitting DVD and it shows all kinds of animals and sounds to attract the dog's attention. Sahara likes this too, but not as much as the movies.

    Jack LOOOVES to sit on the foot piece of our recliner and watch TV with me. If I don't have the foot piece out, and he wants to sit there, he will paw at it. He sometimes knocks my legs off, so he can have the whole thing to himself.

  • I haven't noticed Zaire watching TV yet, though she is still too young to have much of an attention span. Charlie watches TV all the time if he is alone (I have set up video to see what he does when I am at work). I do leave animal planet on for them when I leave as long as their won't be any of the rescue shows on while I am gone (I don't want to scare either of the kids with sick hurt dogs on TV).

  • Mine pretty much ignore the TV. My first basenji, long ago, loved to watch football, which was odd because we are not sports fans. We noticed that whenever a football game was on, he sat in rapt attention watching the screen, but ignored it for everything else. Go figure.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Lucy LOVES to watch TV. She's always up on the couch when the TV is on. She's also recently learned how to turn the TV on by pawing at the remote, so I now have to put it up.

  • You know what is funny? Jack usually just sits on the couch with me when watching TV, but this weekend, after reading this thread, we were watching the Dog Whisperer and Jack ran straight up to the TV with his nose to it….trying to get the German Shepherd/Corgi mix to come and play with him. Funniest thing ever. Of course, he was then distracted from the TV to see what we found so funny.

  • Until just yesterday I had never noticed Bitty take any interest in the TV. However, during a rerun of Animal Precinct yesterday, there was a very short segment with a littler of very young puppies and they were whinning, Bitty had been snoozing against my leg on the sofa and when the puppies started to make noise she popped up, looking right at the TV. When she realized that it was just that noisy box, she laid back down and went back to sleep.

  • Indi will only watch Indiana Jones Movies (of cours he loves them) and Top Gear. You say "Indi come watch Carson and the lads" and he comes running. No matter how fired up he is you can always get an hour of peace and quiet if you turn that on. Its wierd.

  • Scarlett's first t.v experience was with Milo and Otis. She and both of the cats were enthralled by that movie. None of them moved while it was on. At one point Cali was on the t.v. and pawing like she was trying to get to the animals and Scarlett was watching her like she was nuts. I haven't really seen her pay much attention to the tv these days, but the minute i turn on the XBOX to play something she just sits and follows what ever is moving on the screen. During Halo games she will sit in front of the screen and follow the character movement with her head…she helps give the bottom screen a hard time by blocking part of their screen. LOL

  • omg thats so cute! i wish my girl wouls watch TV instaed of tryng to play tug with me while i watch

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