Pics of Lenny

So, the dog park that I was going to until they changed the rules about unneutered dogs being there… has a website. I just checked it out and under their "breaking news" section there is a photo gallery of Lenny.... since he just got fixed and we'll be back soon 🙂 We'll go back for our first post-neuter visit on monday....

Anyway, here's a link to a bunch of pics of Lenny at the dog park having fun!

Great pics and beautiful dogs. They look like they are having so much fun!!


Oh I just love the pics. And what a handsome boy..I just adore his colouring.

Pretty boy.

I love that your dog park does a website! Lenny looks so handsome.

Love the headshot! Handsome boy!

Thanks! I know… its a great community of dog owners/lovers. If anyone lives near Ossining, NY, I HIGHLY recommend visiting with your dog if you want to socialize him/her. It's also a lot of fun, it's really the only place I've met anyone here in NY outside of work. And the guy that is there everyday who takes pictures and keeps up that website is great... he takes around 500 pictures a day and posts the best ones on the "daily digest".... fun place!

I'm so excited, I just found a big puppy park in Geneva - we are going tomorrow for the first time!! 😉 I'll post pics.

Basenji Mix

Good to see your kids - Hope Lenny is feeling well. Looks like they are all having a ball!

I love the action shots, they look like they're having a blast. Both your pups are cute!

Wonderful pics..they look like they're having so much fun! Glad you're able to take him back there now.

We went back to the dog park yesterday for the first time and met up with the other 2 basenjis that frequent the park… here are the pics!

Looks like a good time…

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