Christmas pics

Which shall i open first ?

This one !

What's in the bag?

I'm so good at unwrapping

Who are you ?

If i look cute, can i have another pressie ?

Enjoying my present

Keeping an eye on the dinner 😉

These are great. Thank you!

First Basenji's

So, so FUN! Thanks for sharing!

Looks like Malaika had an awesome Christmas!!!!:)


Great pictures. She sure knows how to take care of business..and papers too.

Fab pictures, looks like she had a lovely xmas 😃 And yours was so much more sedate than ours… madness here lol

Great pictures - looks like she had a blast! I can't have toys that have all that stuffing in - mine would eat it, and the vet would get rich!!!

The first picture of Malaika should be on a dog calendar for the month of December - all the colours and the anticipation of opening the presents - really lovely.

Emailed the link to my sis who has a Blue Chow (she is a total dog lover). She replied "How do I get invited to their house for Christmas??? They wouldn’t even have to give me any food, I’d just hang with the dogs".

Malaika's obviously got the hang of shredding presents1!

Oh my.. what a spoiled girl.. 😉 Tillo is jealous.. he didn't get anything for Christmas 😞
Love the pics.. especially the one with the dead and destuffed duck in it 😉

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