• First Basenji's

    Cody and I visited my family for Christmas, and he got to hang out with Moe– aka his partner in crime.

    We left my parents' house early in the afternoon on Christmas day in an attempt to miss the snow storm. Thankfully we made it home just in time.
    This has been our 4th snow of the season, and luckily he has been doing better with coming inside when he's cold than he had been previously. He ran around like a crazy B for about 20 minutes, but then he was ready to go back inside and burrow under some blankets.

  • What a splendid group of photos. I love the one where he is under the leaves, and then the one where he is begging to get back in! Cody obviously loves the snow, but knows the value of a good warm blanket. 🙂

  • That last picture is priceless.

    Perfect after a nice run in the snow. 😃

  • Wonderful pictures and lucky that you got home before the snow storm.

  • Great pics of Cody and Moe, i bet they were pleased to see each other again.
    I love the one of Cody under the bush.

  • First Basenji's

    Sweeeeeeet pics!

  • Houston

    Great pics..I love the snow ones, and the ones of him and Cody reuniting for a fun playtime again…and the snuggly one too..heck I love'em all...:)

  • First Basenji's

    Yes, Cody and Moe were so happy to see each other again! Stimpy likes to play with Cody sometimes, but she mostly likes to play chase instead of the full-contact play that Cody and Moe love to do together.

    He really does love to play in the snow. During our first snow of the season, we were outside when it was just starting. He wasn't so sure what to think about the cold white stuff falling from the sky at first, but then he started chasing the flakes :). This time he just jumped right in.

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