Merry Christmas to all

The first snow we have been home to enjoy this season.

I was trying to count how many B's are in that pic! We're supposed to get a light dusting here on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to you too.

Just two B's and a whippet for training.

Happy Holidays to you, Joe and the 3 hounds! Nice shot!

Great picture! Gosh I wish we got snow!

Merry Christmas

Happy chistmas fromthe snowbound hills of Shropshire UK

Merry Christmas to all… and honestly.... I would love to "go" to the snow with the B's for the holidays... but glad that we don't have any here at home. That said, we could do with a bit less rain as the girls have made a "mud" track in the yard running after critters....

Safe and wonderful holidays to all

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