Christmas Greetings
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    'Twas the Night Before Christmas, and deep in the flat
    A Basenji was sleeping, Thank heaven for that
    A stocking was hung near him with care
    And he knew that Santa Paws soon would be there

    And I was there too, snuggled deep in my bed
    And the thought of my little dog ran through my head
    How he came to me, just three years before
    And the havoc he'd caused, with each tiny paw

    The things that he'd eaten, the wires he'd chewed
    Of the language I'd used (some really quite rude…)
    Of the clothes that were ruined, of the pens that I'd lost
    Of my bank account vanishing, on what he had cost...

    He'd eaten the Sat Nav - I still don't know how
    But at least he's not saying 'Please turn around now'
    For dinner he gets his fresh air-dried deer
    For his owner? Nice cheese sandwich here

    Then I went on to remember the sweet little pup
    That came here to live, to fill up our cup
    And the night that we lost her, how hard that I cried
    And how only days later, my dearest friend died

    As I lay there thus musing, I heard such a row
    That I sprang from my bed, thinking "Oh no, what now?!"
    But Butu was quiet, his eyes open wide
    As he gazed at the apparition who was now inside

    It had a red and white coat, but also big ears
    And big almond eyes, that banished our fears
    How did it get in? We'd locked all the doors
    But we knew who it was - our own Santa Paws

    He said "Butu, my boy - I've looked at my list
    You haven't been good, but you're hard to resist
    Rosettes you have won, and love you have shown
    And this human person calls you her own

    You argue like fury, but each really knows,
    You'll be bereft when the other one goes
    So cherish each other and treasure your times
    And, Min, you forgive him for his little crimes"

    Santa Paws was so right, the year has been sad
    But how could I have borne it, without my lad?
    So to all of our friends - with four legs or two
    From Butu and me - Merry Christmas to you!

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    That was so funny and sweet and touching– all at once. Thanks for sharing it! As a writer, my hat's off to you!

    Merry Christmas to you both, and tell Butu not to feel bad-- Ava hasn't been good, either (and I don't even think she's tried very hard). But we love them and their naughty ways and would be lost without them. (Well, maybe not Butu-- he has the Sat Nav.) :)

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  • How very, very lovely. And you are right, we've all had losses in 2013. Here's hoping 2014 is better for all of us.

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  • Wonderful! Thank you. And Merry Christmas.

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    Very clever, love it. Merry Christmas.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

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