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  • If anyone told me 10 yrs ago that I would get tearful looking at pics of someone's long snouted pointy faced dogs I'd have laughed. (remember I like chows and rotties). Now.. all I can say is thanks for sharing your pics. What lovely wonderful creatures they are! I am so glad I fell into this breed. You have a wonderful clan there!

  • Love the pics Lisa, well done! Can you tell us the make-up of the pack in the pics (ages and sexes).

  • The top and bottom pics have Nicky, DC Sherwood's In The Nick Of Time SC, RN, LCM, VFCh, JOR, in the red jacket who just turned 13. Next to him is Sophie, UKC CH/AKC FC Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music SC, FCh, GRC, JOR who is 4 years old. Next is Rally, DC Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon MC, LCM, VFCh, JOR who will be 10 on December 30. Then the young man, L'Ox, Kinetic Interesting Times who just turned 1 year old. Finally is Rio, UKC CH/ AKC FC Kinetic Sourcery SC, FCh, GRC, ORC, who is 6 years old and shares a birthday with her younger sister Sophie.

    There are three generations in the pic. Rally is the dam of Rio and Sophie and Rio is the dam of L'Ox. Also, in the middle pic L'Ox moved from being next to his mom to being next to his dad and behind his aunt then moved back again for the bottom pic.

  • Houston

    Merry Christmas Lisa and gang, love your family..

  • Great pics 🙂

  • Thank you for the Christmas pictures - lovely to see them all.

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