Merry Christmas from Tayda and Lenny

I tried to upload these pics on Xmas but couldn't so here they are now! Merry Christmas from Tayda and Lenny!

How cute! They're sitting so nice in the first pics with the hat and antlers…mine hate having anything like that on their heads..they help one another get them off..LOL

There we go...those last three are what I'm talking about..HAHAHA!!!

I'm surprised they sat as long as they did before yanking on the hats.

That is soooo adorable!!:D

Lenny's family had a great Christmas and wanted to tell everyone Happy Holidays too!

Cute pictures!! Who is the brindle? I love the deep color.

That's Lenny's momma! Cleo!

Yep! Here is another look at momma Cleo's rich colors.

Thank you! I agree, but I am a little biased. 🙂

Great pics!!!!

I think all of the B's on the forum enjoyed there christmas…

our chafuko even wanted to open our presents....
I jut didn't think he liked shower stuff.... hahaha

I am partial to the red and whites, but that is one beautiful brindle!:D

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