• Hey Everyone,

    My name is Michelle and I'm so excited to have come across this forum! I live in Michigan and am the human slave to 2 little basenjis. One is Tayda (short for Potato) , a female red and white that I got a year and a half ago from a breeder in Kentucky. And the other is Lenny (named after the character from John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men), a male brindle I got from a breeder here in Michigan about 9 months ago. They are of related lines, I suppose they are distant cousins or something like that. They both have really distinct personalities - Tayda is much more subdued, probably because she is 3 years older than Lenny, and more of the "aloof" type that basenji folks talk about. But she is a sweetheart. She always has to be within 10 feet of me, but isn't the cuddly type on her own. I can take her into my lap and she is just dandy, but on her own, she'd like to just curl up on the other end of the couch from me. Not destructive at all, not a climber. Lenny, on the other hand, is a monster. He has destroyed 2 cell phones (grabbed of the counter and chewed off the antennae), 1 watch, several pair of underwear, the electrical cord to my sewing machine, a t.v. remote, and many others. That was only in the first few months of having him. I have wisened up a LOT since then, and for now, have outsmarted him. He is a cuddle bear… always has to be sitting on my lap. resting his head on my arm, or shoulder, or knee or anywhere he can fit his head.

    The two get along pretty well, I think they are still trying to sort out who is alpha between them. Lenny usually wins the toy tug of wars, but whenever they wrestle, Lenny is the one that always ends up on his back. Anyway, its been fun watching them interact and I love having them around.


  • They are both adorable, Michelle! Thanks for sharing the picture!

  • Welcome Michelle. Got the info I asked for on another thread.

  • Welcome! They certainly are beauties! Enjoy the site…it's a lot of fun and has great information...

  • Very good looking Basenjis! We've found pairs work best too. Of our females, it seems both have been alpha to their male buddy – or maybe the males have just been more laid back. What are their registered names or parents names? (its always fun to see how they're related)

  • Well lets see. Lennys registered name is "Kiroja Kiss This" and his parents names are Undercover Meisterhaus Valentino and Meisterhaus Kiroja Kiss N Tell - both owned by Kelli Harmon in Howell. She has been a fantastic person to have as a breeder. Lenny's bday was New Years Eve and Kelli sent him a birthday present in the mail!!! Complete with homemade doggie biscuits, a dog toy and some chocolates for me! So cute!

    Tayda i'm not sure what who her parents were. I know that Lenny and Tayda are cousins of some sort - the same grand sire? I'm not positive. I got her from Meisterhaus… her name when I got her was Asheton... if that sounds familiar to anyone...

  • What is Tayda's birthday?

  • November 21st 2002

  • So Tayda must be Undercover Meisterhaus Ashton sired by Ch Meisterhaus-Undercover Ikon out of Ch Undercover Heavenly Hayley.

  • Yes! How did you find that out?

  • Sally Wallis in England has taken a lot of time to compile and make public a database of basenji pedigrees. It is available at http://pedigrees.zandebasenjis.com

    Anyone that has information on dogs that she doesn't have in the database should submit the information to her to help her keep the database as complete as possible.

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