Tayda barking in her sleep

Got this video of Tayda barking in her sleep. So funny… Tayda and lenny were sleeping together and Tayda woke Lenny up with her barking.


Hahaha aww this is SO cute! Dex has cried in his sleep a few times, but never that. He wakes himself up yelping sometimes… I wondered if that was normal or if he was just weird. lol

sooo cute - thanks for sharing! Our little Pondu is also barking while sleeping. Good to see, that this is quite common 🙂

Very cute - and good catching it on video! In my house, Ruby barks in her sleep quite often and so does Liyah - but I've never heard Brando or Oz do it.

I love how your two curl up together like that. Rarely does Ruby allow Brando to as much as touch her while resting - and in fact I've seen her stare him away. With my other two - Liyah prefers to sit/lie on top of Ozzy - but he loves her so much, he doesn't care.

Ours just snore, Kell and Sidhe are the loudest. So glad Kell opted to sleep in his crate rather than the bed at night. Would never get any sleep.

Lenny is always trying to get closer to Tayda. His favorite place is to be on top of her. I don't know why I bother buying two dog beds, one ends up being empty and they are both crammed into the other. She is quite tolerant of it, I think she just likes the warmth.

Sometimes Lenny barks in his sleep also, it's so hilarious.

Tayda was dreaming about running after bunnies and squirrels! 🙂

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