• We had the privelege of hosting a couple of fellow Forum Buddies this past weekend 🙂 We had a very good time hanging out with Tayda & Lenny!!! So much that Topaz searched the house several times looking for Tayda 😞 And I can tell she was quite upset :mad: that we didn't let her say good-bye to her new BFF 😃 😃

    For those of you that "know" us you'll know that Topaz is not the best at new situations of any kind. We've had to formally introduce her to the new grill as well as the vaccuum :o She's nervous about EVERYTHING!! But this weekend she LOVED Tayda or Tater (as we like to call her in NJ 😉 😉 ) She is such a sweet little girl & played non-stop with Topaz. The two of them were like 2 peas in a pod. They ran like maniacs & then would plop down from the exhaustion.

    The boys…well they had some "manly' issues. They would be cool 🆒 if they were alone (no girls in sight) but once the girls came around they felt the need to assert themselves as MACHO BASENJI :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Anyhow here's some pics of Topaz & her new Best Friend Forever Tater (aka Tayda) :p

    Scoping out the yard..

    Toaz gives kisses to Tater & she winks 🙂

    The girls play

    The girls rest!

  • Oh & one more thing…Tayda&Lenny's mom this morning Topaz decided she was going to sit on the steps like Tayda does HA HA HA 😃 I was cracking up b/c she NEVER sits like this.

  • Great pictures and that sounds like it went very well.:)

    :eek: Topaz…..who knew????:eek:

    It's great to see forum members meeting and sharing Basenji fun.....Kudo's 😃

  • Too fun… and mine always sit on steps like that.... interesting thing is that even my pups will try this at a very, very early age.. and wind up falling down..

  • LOL, my two sit on stairs like that all the time, Tiggy learned it from Reggie. Adorable pictures

  • That's so weird mine NEVER did that…until Tayda & Lenny taught them 😃 😃 lol!!!

  • Great photos! 🙂 Glad everyone enjoyed the visit!

  • Thanks so much to JYS for hosting my little monsters! It is the first time I've left them anywhere and wasn't worried about them! My boyfriend was the one that mentioned it because whenever we go somewhere without them, I'm always bugging him with all the "what ifs" and he pointed out that I had not done that during the weekend while we were in Michigan. I missed them of course, but I knew they were in great hands! It was definitely a little vacation for them! I'm so glad Tayda and Topaz got along so well… Tayda is normally not very playful either so I'm glad that she found a buddy in Topaz! And thats SO funny that Topaz is sitting on the steps like that now!

    It's really not that far so we can totally set up some play dates for the girls and have some "socialization lessons" for the boys. "Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do?" 😃

    Please think of me if you need someone to watch C3 and Topaz - you actually live closer to my work than I do, so it would be really convenient for me to watch them at your place.

    Thanks again! And smooches to your pooches from the Tater Tot and Lenny!

  • Aw, how sweet! The pictures are adorable!

  • Uh…no WAY!! Who would guessed that Topaz would be a social butterfly??

    Sounds like you guys had so much fun!!!

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