• Tayda and Lenny love their new backyard! There actually is no grass - just concrete and mulch. They run and play for hours a day! They have never been this playful with each other, ever! I love it - I guess this hot california weather suits them just fine. Every day they have multiple play sessions chasing, running, tackling, and just generally harassing each other. It's really funny. We have a nightly ritual around this dog bed that I put in the middle of the concrete.

  • First Basenji's

    What fun play pictures! They look like they're dancing in the second to last.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "hot California weather" though. It's been low/mid-60's in my Northern California home for the past few days. 😉 Just ribbing…

  • AWW they look so happy !! 🙂 the last pic reminds me of that Disney movie Lion King when Nala says to Simba " Gotcha ya again " lol

  • Lovely photos! I cant wait to have another basenji for Maya to play with, it looks like such fun!

  • Love these pics!! It's so nice to see basenjis play 🙂

  • I'm really not sure what changed - other than we moved here - but they are SO playful with each other now. I was thinking maybe it was that Tayda is finally stabilized on the protocol and is just feeling better and therefore more playful. I've struggled with keeping weight on her forever and we seem to finally have found a food that she will eat with out too much fuss.

  • Very cute pictures…this just makes me want to get another Basenji so Anubis will have a play mate lol. Very gorgeous dogs!

  • Thank you for the lovely photos. It's wonderful to see Tayda and Lenny having such a fun time!

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