Lenny has a new coat!

It's pretty freezing up here in CT now - I made Lenny this coat! Doesn't he look proud??? Tayda will get one too soon… 🙂

Very nice. What kind of material is that? Looks like it has some glitter or something in it.

Thanks! It's just a double layer of the thicket fleece I could find! It does look glittery to me too - not sure why…


So cozy and nice..he looks so proud of his new coat..

Love the color. So you made it?

Thanks! Yep - I took my 50% off coupon to Joannes and got 3 yards of fleece for about $10. I should be able to make 6 coats out of it. not bad! The most annoying part is sewing on the velcro. I bought this stuff that you're supposed to be able to iron on, but it didn't work on the fleece so i had to sew it by hand.


Did you get the pattern there too? I really like how it is closure on the chest. Please do tell.

Actually, I bought them coats from Walmart or somewhere a while ago and just copied it from that. The coat fit Tayda well, but was a bit small for Lenny. So I made him one of the same design but just a little bigger. Its just one piece with arm holes and a velcro closure, really simple. the hardest part was the arm holes, its not all that pretty from the underside, but oh well. Lenny doesn't seem to care. I can post a pic of the coat flat on the ground later so you can see the general shape.


Yes I would love that..Thank you so much for offering..

Wow, I admire you for being able to do that! Lenny really looks good in his new coat. I wish I could to that but my sewing skills are limited to buttons!!

Lenny you sure do look handsome love your coat and the color. Very nice job making his coat.

Rita Jean

Love Lenny's coat, you're very clever i cant sew

Nice job! that blue looks very pretty on him.

Handsome Lenny in his new duds….great job!

Here is what the coat looks like! Pretty simple design



Thanks for posting a picture of it for us not so brilliant seamstresses..I will definitely try to make on of these for my cold boys and one girl..

Hey if you want I can trace it onto a piece of newspaper or something and mail it to you… would just need to have the admins pass along your address....


Would be awesome..I will email admin and have them give it to you..

I really like your/Lenny's sweatshirt! I am too lazy to attempt it without a sewing machine 🙂

For knitters out there, here is a link to a VERY simple sweater that anyone who can knit a scarf with a simple knit stitch can master. It allows for variation/customization with more advanced stitches/techniques as well. My first one turned out OK, I made a few minor adjustments on my second attempt and from then on they have turned out better and better with each one I make.

I use size 9.5 knitting needles and 2 strands of the cheap red heart brand acrylic yarn.

WARNING: dogs who chew can quickly unravel a hand knitted sweater simply by chomping through a single thread! 😉


Here are a few examples…


Hot Rod

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