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    ..he however couldn't stand it, so he carfully chewed it off his body while we were out in the backyard. Thankfully I didn't spend time making this one..I only spent money on it..and that grows on trees right??

    This is what the band across his neck/upper chest looked like when I found the jacket in a corner of our yard…

    So neatly chewed, almost like a scissor cut..

    Just now, when we went out to light the coop up, this is what met the guys in the backyard..much to Moses and Otis' surprise and astonishment..

    ..a hawk..he had unfortunatley gotten ahold of my daughter's hen, Quail..so many tears at our house..the kids for the hen and the dogs for the lost chance to get a huge bird..it finally took off and the dogs where in shock over the whole thing..

  • Sounds like quite a day at the Petra Castle. But then again there's always something going on there exciting. Did you get a shot of him wearing it?

  • hey basenjimamma did you ever get the cut out that i sent in the mail? it was a couple weeks ago now…. hope it made its way to you!

  • What a beautiful Red Tail! Red Tails are messengers from the spiritual side. I'm sorry for the loss of your daughter's pet, but thank you so much for not letting the dogs get hold of the hawk. What a privilege to be that close to one.

  • Houston

    Michelle, yes I just got it the other day, took forever, thanks so much for sending it, I will no make one of those for him, since his other really warm coat is no longer with us ;).

    AJsHuman, yes there is no way I would've let the dogs get to the hawk, he is wildlife and imo you protect wild life, I think he was a younger model as well, but don't know..I was so closed when I reached to get Otis that I could've touched his head, leary, yet cool.

    Dan, I think I have a shot of him wearing it the other day, but not from yesterday..I'll look and see what I can find..
    It just killed me how neatly he had chewed that one off, as if he didn't want to ruin it, he just didn't want to wear it right then..

  • Yes, I agree…looks like a young hawk. Probably very hungry if it went for a domestic chicken rather than a mouse or rat, which is their usual diet. After the experience with the dogs, I doubt it will hang around anyone's chicken coop in the future. It's a good thing you didn't reach for the hawk, especially without thick leather gloves on. They can do a considerable amount of damage with little effort.

    Please give your daughter my condolences. It hurts to lose any pet.

  • Don't you just love how they get rid of things they don't like? I am on my third Easy Walk Harness with Gemma - she has chewed through the first two - Shaye doesn't even try - odd how they are. Looks like that was a nice jacket too - oh well.

    Glad the hawk made it out of there - they are so beautiful.

  • Naughty Otis, perhaps it wasn't his colour 😉
    Sorry about Quail, nature is beautiful but cruel 😞

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