• Wow, that is an amazing story, and it was great to see little wiley walking on the jog a dog and eating those treats! hats off to you, what a great mommy!

  • A friend just sent that link to me, posted on basenji rescue. I was thrilled to see Wily and how well he is doing! Lots of people have been pulling for the little guy. Your work and dedication has really paid off!

    Anne in Tampa

  • well that brought tears to my eyes! Wily is such a trooper.

  • I just watched the video and all I can say is that is amazing! I'm so glad that Wily has recovered so well…it is truly unbelievable. Congrats.

  • Wily's progress are just amazing!

  • My mom (who lives in Pennsylvania, by the way) called me earlier today to tell me that she saw a news story about a physical therapy place in CA and that a basenji was featured. I said, "was his name Wily??" and of course it was. I guess Wily is a NATIONAL star now 🙂 Just thought you'd like to know that news agencies across the country are showing that piece with your boy!

  • Great story on Wily - and the PT Center.

  • It brought tears to my eyes to see him doing so well. You've done a magnificent job helping him get better….with the help of the PT Center of course....Hugs to you both!

  • ok, I was crying when I watched that. I am so happy that Wily is doing so well.

  • OMG! That video is amazing! Wily is such an amazing dog to go through so much and be such a trooper. I wish you the best of luck! He is an amazing little dog and has come so far! Thats awesome!

  • Im sooooo sorry 😞 this is heart breaking. Your in our thoughts and hearts 🙂

    lauren and kiro

  • how amazing that he is doing so well…. WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! for Wily and his wonderful humans....

  • Wow what an amazing story. Have just read this thread and followed Wilys progress through it. I am so pleased he is making such wonderful progress, you must have worked so hard with him.
    The care centre sounds fantastic, don't think we have anything like that in England.

  • Houston

    I read it too. Amazing progress, and great story on CBS. I can not believe poor Wily had to go through that, great humans in his life..

  • I also just read this thread and seen the story. What a love your Wilys is you all are one of the best for finding the care and never never giving up. i hope Wilys is still doing so great.

    Rita Jean

  • We haven't heard from Wilysmom for quite a while. I hope the family is doing well.

  • What a sad, sad thing to happen - we will keep Wily in our prayers, and you too.

  • Awsome that Wily Has done so well with the rehab center…wish there were more around the country. That said, did anything ever come of the irresponsible sitter?? Other than a bad rep. here on the forums??

  • Awesome video~ you're a great mommy to help him recover so well!!

  • hi all,
    i just saw all these lovely msgs. thank you so much for the support! wily is doing GREAT. he goes to the park 2-3 times a wk now and is happy as ever. he's not 100% - no jumping or walking stairs, but he can really get running when he wants to chase something. he used to fishtail out when he would try to stop running - he's getting better control over that. he's still wobbly, but it's just part of his charm now i guess.

    most important thing is that he's happy and surrounded by lots of love from family and friends. we have a great basenji group that meets at the park every saturday morning. it's AWESOME. we had 10 kids there yesterday. soooo great.

    as for Dallas, the bad dogwalker, he has lost most of his business, but unfortunately still has a few clients. i'm really surprised by this b/c they know the story and still choose to stay with him. we never sued b/c it would've just caused us more stress and we chose to really focus all of our energy on getting wily better. so.. it is what it is. and i've made sure to get pet insurance.

    all for now. thanks everyone again! wily thanks you too…

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