Basenji potty accident(s) problem

  • I have a basenji thats a little over a year old and there is something that I still haven't figured out. She keeps having accidents in the house when I leave the place and no one else is home (or if anyone leaves her a lone in the place for any period of time).

    For instance, I just took her out in the morning and then a couple hours later I got to throw the trash out and she pee'd in the house after I left. Why does she keep having accidents when someone leaves her for a little while in the house?

    Its a little annoying to crate her every time I have to step outside…

  • If a dog is anxious about you leaving then it doesn't matter if she just went, she will release her bowels as a result of her anxiety. Without conditioning her to be ok with being left alone you won't adjust the behavior. If her anxiety is mild you can try to occupy her with a toy such as a Kong stuffed with peanut butter and try leaving her for very short increments like 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc…

    If it is worse then the crate might provide the comfort and security she needs to feel better about being left

  • Agree with Chealsie, it is most probably separation anxiety. I have cured a couple of mine with the use of a roller treat ball. Keeps them busy when I leave, and I find it's usually right after you exit that the problem occurs. It sounds like that is what is happening with your dog, as even a short absence causes her to urinate or defecate. If she is kept busy with a distraction of some sort, it may help you to avoid this problem.

  • Good advice already given, so I'll throw in a possibly odd sounding thing that worked wonders for us: tell your B out loud what you are going to do, and when you'll be back (make sure you are back when you said you would be!). It works like an energy contract that helps the dog to sit it out calmly. Our Binti was ususally nervous before we would leave; she would walk around, moan a bit and so on. When we started the talking out loud routine, a wonderful thing happened: she would stop walking around, stop moaning, and went to lie in her preferred place and fall asleep. Give it a try.

  • I should also note, I have a dog with pretty severe separation and confinement anxiety which has taken years to manage and decrease…as kjdonkers mentioned, I do tell Oakley what I'm going to do and where I'm going and that I will be back soon and to be a good boy and it has helped...whatever the psychology behind it- I do it religiously

  • I agree with telling them you are leaving. Sneaking out can result in panicked looking for you, which is not a good thing.

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