• So Basil has had accidents a few times in the past. Three times he peed on my bed without any warning and the other two times were on my older dog's bed and a my friend's dogs bed. Usually every night after our walk… we get home around 9pm and then he drinks a lot of water and either sleeps or plays depending on how long the walk was and then around 10pm I let him out again and then put him to bed and he's good until at least 5-6am. Tonight I did just that but then my mom wanted to see him for a bit at about 10:45 and she woke him up... she just told me she wanted to open the cage and say goodnight. She ended up letting him out and playing for a bit. Basil is house trained and when he has to go to the bathroom he goes to the door of the room he's in or the back door and whines. Tonight he went to the door and whined literally for 5 seconds... I was about to get up to let him out when he walked back over to a pillow I have out on the floor which is like his dog bed that he sometimes has his toys on and plays there so he knows it's his. Anyway, he walked over to it and I looked and he was peeing on the pillow! He's never done this before. So I went to quickly throw it in the wash so it wouldn't hold the smell and he would think it's where he should go and so I put him in his kennel. I came back upstairs and he had peed in his kennel... which he has NEVER done even when he wasn't house trained.

    I'm just wondering if this could just be a case of me not doing my job as mom and putting him out when I should. Or could there be something medically going on? Like a bladder infection or something? He hasn't had any other symptoms. I just don't understand why he wouldn't be able to hold it so badly like this because I can leave him alone for up to 5 hours without any accidents. Also, I think he knows he did wrong because when I got upstairs again he was licking the pee... almost like he was trying to clean up his mess. Just would appreciate your opinions on this. Thanks. Oh and just to add, we have our appointment with the behaviorist on Monday and I will bring this up with her as well.

  • I would have a Vet check first to rule out medical issures.

  • Agree with Pat. He may have a UTI.

  • Thank you for your helpful replies.. I called the vet and they said to watch him for today to see how he's doing. They said to bring him in if I notice he's straining to pee or if he whines when he pees like he's in pain. If he has more accidents today then I'll take him in tomorrow.

  • While I am not a Vet, I disagree with this course of action. He can have a UTI and not have any straining or pain. I would think they would have at least told you to bring a urine sample for them to check.

  • Hm, well I'll watch him today and if he has another accident I'll call and ask if I can bring a urine sample. Thank you for letting me know that.

  • I totally agree with pat - your vet needs to test a sample of Basil's urine before he can determine a problem.

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