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So, as you may know, I've been researching the breed and things to do with socialixing my dogs with the new addition.

So here I give you all of the 'Basenji Bookmarks'

Feel free to add your own.

I have an IPhone app called YStream, with this I made a playlist of lots and lots of videos. I searched 'Basenji', 'Basenji Training', 'Basenji Agility' and 'Basenji Tricks' as well as a few others.

Google image search -Basenji

Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club

Reality Stories

Basenji Reasons Not to Get

Older Dog Is Aggressive With Puppy - The Fun Times Guide to Dogs

Embeau Basenjis

Southern Counties Canine Association

Dog Owner's Guide Profile: The Basenji

Microsoft Word - Basenji THINK TWICE!.doc!.pdf

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Basenjis

Basenji Club of Great Britain's Breeders' Directory

Search Results for "Basenji" - Yahoo! Answers;_ylt=AslL9Es3CYYJcfuZABJiL0Qf3IlQ;_ylv=3?p=Basenji&submit-go=Search+Y%21+Answers

How to Care for a Basenji

Itzyu Basenjis - Basenji Information

UK Lure coursing in England, UK with British Sighthound Field Association

Buying a Basenji

Basenji plus another dog [Archive] - Basenji Forums - Your Online Basenji Community

Basenji and Jack Russell Terrier Compared

Dog Owner's Guide Profile: The Basenji

Basenji Quirks

Basenji facts


Crate Training –Why It Works. .Why Crate Train? How?

Basenji Companions - Tips Section - Basenjis With Others - Basenjis and Children

Welcome to the Basenji Club of America

Jumoke Basenjis - Basenji Breeders - Puppies Adults

Basenji Harmony

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So, I've gone off Queta as it sounds too much like my name when you say it, so now I'm thinking Nambi.

My dog's name's are Poppy and Rasco, so ideally looking for a five letter name with two syllables that starts with either N, Q or T.

Will probably be a girl.

Picky, I know lol

I don't mind made up/unusual words as long as I can pronounce them.

Thanks : )

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Aw Pipet is such a sweetheart, I'm sure Poppy would love to jump on her!

Not sure if it will help, but one of my 'Basenji Bookmarks' and there are a lot of them, is this;

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Thanks all, great info!

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From what I've heard Basenji's get on better with other Basenji's then other dog's…depends on the individual dog really.

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Thank you very much : )

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I'm 23 but it's complicated 🙂

My brother (who does nothing for our current dogs but is for some reason against getting another) is 26. But like I say he does nothing for our JRT's .

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Hi all, I have trained my JRT's since I got them single handedly, and I think once my mother talks to people with basenjis at the windsor championship show she will be persuaded enough (or she will not at all, it'll go one way or the other).

So I want to make sure that when I get my puppy that I am fully prepared with what I should do and when.

Also, thought about taking her to , as well as training at home and on short walks. does this seem like a good idea?

Also, what age would you think I should introduce my JRT's to the Basenji? Should the B be in the crate when they meet her, so they can get her scent?

The male JRT is a bit funny with some other dogs, but some he's perfectly fine with, once he's known them for awhile. He's been neutered for a few years. The other dog (bitch) is fine with other dogs. If Rasco growls at the puppy do you reckon it'll just eh an alpha thing, though he likes females more than males.

Do you think it'd help if I trained/fed them together?

Also, we may be getting chickens -my mother's idea, though I'm not opposed to it and think this would strengthen my case for a puppy, as in I get a puppy as I would help out with the chickens and clearing the other half of our garden out for the chickens.


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Hank you Thunderbird and Chealsie, I do understand that but without meaning to sound…er..I don't know, we have a comfortable amount of money.

Thunderbird, they will be a show dog too so no spaying.

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I work weekends so would be difficult. We do however have two shows coming up that you might like to come along to. The first is at Newbury, we are on the Saturday which I believe is the 2nd of June, there are 17 B's entered. The second is at Windsor Great Park which is on Saturday 30 June, we don't have entry numbers yet but it is likely to be similar numbers.

Yep we are going to the Windsor one! Can we just go and talk to people or is there a protocol for a champ show?

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