• Hi! My name is Lynn and I am owned by Beshi, 11 year old r/w, Brady, 4 year old r/w, JC, 2 year old tri, and Boudreaux the 16 month old Basset. We live in Bryan/College Station, Texas home of The Fight'n Texas Aggies!!! I was first introduced to the Basenji when I was young and showing in Juniors. My first Basenji was Mickey and he would go into my room and pull off all of my clothes from the hangers, pile them in the hall and sleep on them. He would only do this with my clothes! I was re-introduced to the breed 4 years ago when I found myself in a little 1 bedroom apartment and dogless for the first time in my life. I did some research and found BRAT. I adopted all 3 of my boys from BRAT, and have fostered 4 sweet girls. Beshi is a grumpy old man who doesn't get along, well, attacks, Brady so we have to run in 2 packs. Brady is my hippie child. He is so mellow and laid back and gets along with everyone. JC is my rambuntious, energetic, little trouble maker! And Boudreaux the Basset feels it is his goal in life to make up for the barklessness of his Brothers;)
    I, myself work for an oil and gas exploration and production company and am engaged to be married to Mark on April 26th. I'm so ready for that to be over;) The wedding that is, not the relationship!!!
    I look forward to getting to know you and the wealth of information that can be gained from this forum.
    Lynn and The Boys in Bryan Texas

  • Hi Lynn,
    Welcome to the forum, are you sure you have room for a husband, haha!!!! You have one full house of the animal kind, you love dogs it appears. I hope you enjoy this forum, it is the perfect place to look for info about this wonderful breed or just to vent what yours has done lately. Welcome!!!

  • Welcome to the forum! We need pictures!!! 🙂

  • Hello and welcome, what a great intro. I can't wait to see pics, congrats on the upcoming engagement

  • Lynn,

    Welcome to the forum! Congratualtions on your engagement and your upcoming wedding. You will be so relieved when the wedding is over and you will have so much time on your hands again.

    How does your future husband like the B's (I guess the Bassett Hound falls under B too, doesn't he?!)?

  • Welcome from a fellow Texas Basenji owner.

  • Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Luckily Mark has been bitten by the B bug since he met me. He actually insisted we get a tri after he saw one when we went to pick up a foster. He was so smitten with Goliath, that he would get on the BRAT page and look for tri's. Then, JC fell into our arms. A beautiful tri boy, and the Loverboy of the house. What's more, is we found a couple of "free" Basenjis on Craigs list. No need to get into the nasty details of that ordeal, but we found ouselves with 4 tris!!! 1 B boy tri, 1 Basset tri, and 2 beautiful tri girls. Until I can play around with this forum some more, you can see pictures of my pack on my dogster pages at http://www.dogster.com/dogs/448325

  • Interesting, don't know if it is just my PC or your link to dogster, but everytime I have tried the link it has crash my computer…

  • Yikes! I'm sorry. I have a pretty busy background that has been causing me some problems. This is an extra good excuse to get rid of it. Try again in a few minutes.

  • Much better… and very nice Basenjis

  • I love your Dogster sites! Very cool!

  • HI Lynn!!!! Nice to see you!

  • Welcome. Love the pictures. I only have one little sweetheart but will be getting another hopefully soon. Sounds like you have your hands full. I also have a digger on my hands and chewer and boy is she energetic!! But I love her and she makes us laugh on a daily basis!!

  • I always say you have to have a sense of humor to be owned by Basenjis! If not, you will drive yourself crazy!!!

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to the forum and looking forward to pictures when you get a chance. You'll find lots of fun items and great tips to help with coping with your beasties.

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