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Just a quick update on Zola's skin condition. So she certainly has seasonal allergies. Poor girl. But….. after using her antibiotics, her skin looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! So the vet put her on Temaril-P which she has taken now for about 3 weeks. Temaril-P is known as "Benadryl on steroids" so now we are giving her the Temaril-P only 2 times a week, and we put the liquid from a benadryl gel cap in her food every night. She looks gorgeous!!!!! This combo should get her through allergy season. I am just so glad we figured this out.... and found a competent vet in the process!

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Thanks for all of the feedback everyone. Zola is our first dog (for both of us) so we have a lot to learn… but the feedback that I get from these forums is awesome. During the hubby's last visit home there was NO rough play, and they did well together. I am having him feed her and give her treats when he is home. He also does her walks. I know it will take time to get her to bond with him as she has with me, but they are on their way. Thanks again!!!!! 🙂

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Hello again. To answer the questions: Zola is NOT aggressive in any way towards me or anyone else that she come in contact with. So is a sweet sweet sweet girl. I am able to walk her just fine….. no issues there. Now that I think of it, she would growl at him during their "play" but I think we just thought it was a part of her play, and not a warning of anything..... we may have dropped the ball with the growling???

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Now that we have had Queen Zola for 7 months, she has become a complete member of our family. However, over the late couple of days she has shown serious aggression towards my husband, resulting in biting him! Mind you, my husband was the one that originally brought her home and bonded with her first. He is more of the authoritative figure when it comes to disciplining her, although we both do. We share responsibilities when it comes to walks, feedings, baths, etc. Now during playtime, he likes to "roughhouse" with her more than I do.

During one of their last roughhousing sessions she got really loud with him. She does not do that when I play with her. The icing on the cake happened just yesterday. My husband was pulling on her back legs (which he does a lot) and she bit him. She has NEVER bit anybody!!!!!! Ever!!!!!! And again this morning, he attempted to pick her up off of the bed to take her downstairs for her morning walk (again, this is routine) and she attempted to bite him again!!!!!

What the heck is going on????? I suggested that he stop playing rough with her, because apparently she is not into that anymore. But, really?????? Also, just a note: due to the nature of my husband's job, he is away for days at a time. So I am with her daily.

Any suggestions for stopping this before it gets out of hand? Normally Zola is an extremely sweet girl. And it's only been like this for the past two days.

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Amelie, unfortunately it was only Zola that showed. But, the next time we do this I will be sure to let you know. It may be a while….. I am about to be very busy with graduation stuff. 🙂

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Hmmmmmmmm…. I wonder if I can do some Googleing to find that group. If not, I will be sure to post on here when we decide to meet up again in Houston. 🙂

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Thanks for all of your knowledge Mimi, and everyone. So…...Zola has a new vet that actually has Basenjis on his client roster, and knows the breed. She has seasonal allergies (we ruled out food or drug allergies). So instead of using the shampoo that the other vet prescribed, she is on two antibiotics. He called one of them "Benedryl on steroids" and she will likely take them for about 3 weeks.

After only two days of taking them, she has already stopped scratching herself so much, and we have not seen any new bumps. So I think the meds are doing the trick. Unfortunately, she will probably be a lifetime allergy sufferer (at least for as long as we live in Houston). So we will need to get her on a preventative once this protocol is complete.

The vet said that she had the cleanest ears he has seen in a long time. We are feeding her Blue Buffalo Basic, which has no byproducts, soy, corn, etc. We threw out that shampoo..... and will NEVER go back to that first vet.

Oh.... and I was never able to figure out how to add photos to specific posts on here. 😞

So.... there it is. I am just glad that we found a more knowledgeable vet.... and he is right down the street from us!!!!! That is also a plus. 🙂

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Hey. Just let me know when you want to try and do this again. I got a couple of replies about getting together in a separate post on here.

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YIPPY!!!!! So glad to see there are some other Houston Bs out there. We have not taken Zola to memorial park in a while, so it probably was not us. However, I did meet another B, Emma, at the dog park a couple of weeks ago, and her owner and I talked about starting up a Houston Basenji group. I know he posted that we would be meeting at the dog park in a separate post, but the week we were to meet he had a death in the family. We will do it again VERY soon, and I will post the information here so y'all will be aware. Can't wait to get all our Bs together. 🙂

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Hey everyone. Sorry to reply to this thread so late. I do have an update. So we took Queen Zola to the vet. She ran some test and found that Zola was having a skin reaction…. but can't figure out WHAT is causing it. So I have to bathe her in Benzoyl Plus shampoo twice a week to get rid of her "Folliculitis". Well.... after two weeks of bathing her with this stuff, her bumps have INCREASED massively, and now she is always scratching herself. Her skin is irritated, and I feel like a horrible mommy.

But I don't know what to do. The vet said it may get worse before it gets better.... but I don't know if she meant THIS much worse. My husband thinks we need to find a new vet.

dcmclcm4, did the Benadryl work? How much did you give?

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