• Hello everybody! My name is Sarah. A friend gave us a beautiful female Basenji named Lady yesterday. Our friend has many dogs and one of them (a Heeler) doesn't get along with Lady. He would pick fights with her contantly. Because the Heeler is a work dog and trained to his owner's liking, she decided she had to part with Miss Lady. This is my first experience with a Basenji, and I didn't even know what she was until I took the time to browse around the AKC website. I read up quite a bit about this breed yesterday and I like everything I read. She has her quircks, I might add. She doesn't seem to be as energetic as is common with her breed, but perhaps she hasn't become accustomed to our home yet. Because she doesn't smell like a dog, I let her sleep on the couch, but she would rather sleep on our tredmill! She gets along with our 4 cats and our other dog (a male "chiweenie") rather well, thank goodness! I found this forum and thought I'd stop by to see what else I can learn about this interesting breed.

  • Welcome to the Forum, would love to see pictures of your new girl. There is lots of great information about Basenjis here….

  • Here ya go; this is what I managed to snap yesterday.

  • Awwww… she's a cutie!!! Welcome to the forum.

  • Welcome to the pack… What a cute little girl you have there. It is so wonderful that you were available to take her into your home. This forum is a great resource for new B owners. 🙂

  • Let us help you with any issues you have.
    We have to help each other with is smart breed we all love.

  • She's beautiful! You're lucky to have her and vice versa. Welcome!

  • Welcome to the forum! Lady is a cute pup!

  • Welcome to the pack - and what a pretty Lady she is!
    Feel free to ask questions about anything related to your basenji - lots of good information here and plenty of great stories about basenji antics.

  • What a cutie and bless you for taking her in. I've never heard of a basenji giving up the sofa for a tredmill <gg>. I hope you have many, many delightful years with her. And as to your other pup, mostly male-female combinations work great. But someone should have warned you that basenjis do tend to be addictive.</gg>

  • Awww, what a pretty girl. I just replied to your other post - good thing she's so darling, eh?:rolleyes:

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