Hello, I’m Jarod and I've been a member here for a while now but I’ve never gotten around to introducing myself. I have an almost 4 month old female named Piper from Suddanly Basenjis. And I can definitely say my life has become far more interesting since I got her, in a good way though.;) We have high hopes for her on the coursing field and she already shows great promise.

I look forward to continuing to read all the great stories and advice on the forum.


Such a pretty girl! Welcome, Jarod and Piper!

What a very cute girl… Welcome

Hello and welcome! Piper looks lovely!

Oh what a sweetheart. Welcome to the forums. Thank you for sharing pictures.

Welcome to the forums. Piper has lots of relatives here.

It will be great to see her grow. Hopefully she will live up to her name.

What a cutie.
This forum is great with all types of help re b's!
We all need to band together so we can try to out smart them!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I'm thrilled to be a part of the basenji community.

I just noticed that Piper is crossing her front paws in your avatar just like her cousins Rally and Rio are in mine.:D

Welcome!! 🙂 Yeah, Virginians!!

Yeah that picture was taken during one of the few times she was calm enough to look dignified, and even though those moments are few and far between, I have learned to relish every second of them.:)

Yeah, mine are pretty active too. I posted this link awhile ago in another thread but this is fairly typical in my house, http://s176.photobucket.com/albums/w168/lrvoss/?action=view¤t=RioandSophiePlaying.flv

Yeah that definitely looks familiar except I only have one basenji so I have to take the place of the second one, and unfortunately I have learned that I don’t have anywhere near the energy of a basenji.

Piper’s favorite game so far is to chase a soccer ball in the backyard, and as long as it is rolling she will chase it forever. So we do that for a while every afternoon to expel some of that energy and that makes for a much nicer basenji.

With it warming up Rio's favorite game is to chase the water coming out of the hose. She will do laps and laps around the yard chasing it and will bite at it and get herself soaked. It's really funny since when it is raining out she acts like she is going to melt.

Welcome Jarod! Piper is absolutely adorable. What a sweet little face she has!

Welcom Piper (and Jarod :))

First off, Welcome to our site of valueable Basenji information. I have learned so much linking into this site, we have lots of laughs as well. My B, Sahara, crosses her legs all the time, she is such a showoff and often has the regal queen look. I love the look myself, they are such beautiful dogs I must say, not that I am partial or anything. Your Piper is so cute, welcome again.

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